2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine: Androgen Receptor


2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine: Androgen Receptor

Androgen receptor modulators have recently become a hit among men who seek to modify specific portions of their appearances without causing interruption in others. Unlike ordinary testosterone replacement, androgen receptor modulators generally work by targeting certain parts, such as the biceps or the triceps, only. Most experts say that the mechanisms of action of androgen receptor modulators are almost similar to estrogen receptor modulators in women but it only varies as to whom the drug applies. There are several compounds and chemicals shown to provide androgen receptor modulation effects but the latest addendum in the list so far is the compound 2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine. The compound has not yet acquired taxonomical classification as a modulator but with deeper studies, it is expected to be an approved and registered drug soon.

What is 2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine?

The compound 2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine is recently discovered in the year 2007. It is usually included as a component of major health supplement medications for purposes of enhancing and synergizing effects of some other ingredients. It also works to strengthen molecular bonds among supplement compounds to prevent their destruction in the gastrointestinal tract during chemical digestion. There are only a few studies providing for the independent health benefits of using 2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine since the drug is widely used only for synergistic effects.

Uses of 2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine

In the field of health care, compounds like 2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine are used in drug formulations for various purposes. Although it may not be useful to some users, experts say that the compound can be very beneficial to certain groups of individuals. The following are some of the uses of 2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine in medicine:

  1. It may improve muscle growth and development

Supplements containing 2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine are shown to improve growth and development of certain muscle groups as its androgen-modulation effects specifically target given sites. Long-term use of the product is required, however, for the benefit to apply but when included with some other muscle development-boosting compounds, it can enhance muscle growth in just a few doses.

  1. It may improve testosterone production

Testosterone is a significant hormone among men which determines not only their sexual functionality but also the development of their secondary sex characteristics such as the development of a masculine appearance. Experts say that androgen modulators like 2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine may also work to improve testosterone production among men, although this claim is not yet fully substantiated with strong evidences.

  1. It does not have anabolic steroid effects

Although the compound may work like anabolic steroids, 2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine does not result to any of the dangerous anabolic steroid side effects. The compound is derived from a set of chemicals different from that of anabolic steroids, although their molecular structures may be comparative.


The synergistic compound 2-(Bromomethyl)-6-fluoropyridine is proven to modify androgen receptors to improve certain body functions. Since it is not a risky compound, it may be included in health supplement formulations intended for men’s health.

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