2016’s naturally fresh anti-disease compound for Long and Healthy Life: Nobiletin


2016’s naturally fresh anti-disease compound for Long and Healthy Life: Nobiletin

Modern unhealthy lifestyle has predisposed majority of the population to several lifestyle-related disorders which have resulted to lowered age of mortality. Even with the development of advanced technological means to diagnose and treat the disorders during the early stages of disease process, medical experts say that the prevention of these conditions is still the best way to preserve health. For the past few years, scientists have been looking into citrus flavonoids such as Nobiletin which are shown to promote health in several ways. Not only is Nobiletin effective in preventing disorders but it is also shown to be generally safe.

What is Nobiletin?

Mainly isolated from citrus peels, Nobiletin is easily extracted from various citrus fruits. Although the compound has a bitter taste in its pure forms, its inclusion in health supplement formulations makes it taste neutral. The compound is commonly included in flavonoid supplements since the composition of these supplements help provide synergistic effects to Nobiletin. Today, various studies are being conducted on the compound for its many claimed benefits involving the bones, the brain and even abnormal cell growths.

What are the benefits of using Nobiletin?

Phytochemical studies revealed a lot of health benefits when it comes to including Nobiletin in health supplement formulations. Although mostly accepted as an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agent, the compound is shown to possess a lot of properties which can be useful to individual users. Some of the benefits of using Nobiletin are the following:

  • It may promote joint health

The health of the joints is primarily significant for movement purposes. With age, however, inflammatory diseases affecting the joints such as Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis develop due to several factors. In a study on the compound Nobiletin, experts discovered that the compound can help prevent cartilage destruction and bone demineralization by affecting the interleukin (IL)-1beta-mediated ADAMTS-4 and -5 mRNA expressions, which plays a role in synovial fibroblasts regulation. This results to the protection of the joints and the musculoskeletal system as a whole.

  • It may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

The destruction of nerve cells due to the degenerative effects of aging can lead to Dementia, and in worse cases, Alzheimer’s disease. Studies show, however, that the intake of supplements containing Nobiletin in the early stages of the disease process or even before the disease sets in can help prevent rapid neuron degeneration. Experts say that the compound has certain effects in regulating cAMP protein kinase which leads to the protection of neurons and neurotransmitters in the brain.

  • It can help prevent cancer

Another landmark finding on Nobiletin is the possibility that it can prevent cancer cell growth and development by suppressing proliferation and promoting cell apoptosis. Along with other flavonoid drugs,  Nobiletin can control cancer and prevent metastasis.


Cancer, Diabetes Mellitus, Bone-related diseases and Alzheimer’s disease are among the few lifestyle-related disorders shown to be controlled and prevented with Nobiletin use. With all the benefits associated with Nobiletin, it is slowly gaining attention as the modern supplement for long life.

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