2016’s Top Compound for Stroke Prevention: Citicoline Sodium

Citicoline Sodium

Receiving clinical recognition as one of the safest and most effective brain supplement, Citicoline Sodium is currently rising in popularity in the field of pharmaceutical drug formulation and manufacture. For several decades since its discovery, experts from different regions all over the world have developed both prescriptive and non-prescriptive forms of Citicoline Sodium brands. Across the European district, most medications containing Citicoline Sodium require prescription from physicians as the compound is primarily indicated for ischemic stroke treatment but in several areas in the United States, Citicoline Sodium remains an over-the-counter health supplement ingredient as it is usually included in formulations within relatively low doses.

 What is Citicoline Sodium?

Citicoline is a naturally-occurring psychostimulant agent which is rapidly depleted among elderly individuals. Synthetic forms of the compound are usually developed under strict laboratory operations in the forms of Citicoline Sodium and others. The synthetically-formulated Citicoline Sodium is then included in health supplement formulations as they are proven to work almost exactly the same as the natural form Citicholine. Studies show that Citicoline Sodium helps prevent nerve cell breakdown and promote overall cognitive function by increasing dopamine as well as ACTH levels in the brain. The balance between naturally-occurring hormones is also shown to improve with Citicoline Sodium supplementation.

Citicoline Sodium Supplementation Health Benefits

The compound Citicoline Sodium plays a vital role in the regulation of almost all functions of the brain. As a direct effect, experts say that the compound may serve as a baseline element for all bodily functions. Some of the claimed health benefits associated with Citicoline Sodium supplementation includes the following:

1.It protects neurons

Poor environmental conditions including exposure to high levels of stress for a very long time reduces lifespan of brain cells and induces degeneration. Studies reveal that Citicoline Sodium supplementation may help strengthen neuron resistance against damaging factors including free radicals. The compound has the capacity to cross the blood-brain barrier in order to maximize effects and prolong bioavailability.

2. It improves eye health

Recent studies show that Citicoline Sodium supplementation can also improve vision and overall eye health. In a quantitative research conducted among patients with glaucoma or tunnel vision, researchers found that the compound helps reduce manifestations of the disease even within low doses. There is, however, no evidence as to the effects compound in elderly-associated conditions like Cataract.

3. It may prevent stroke

The high incidence of strokes among adults and elderly individuals are associated with brain trauma and nerve cell degeneration. With several studies supporting the claim on Citicoline Sodium as a stroke-preventing agent, several countries have already approved the use of the compound for therapeutic purposes. As to the mechanism of action of the drug, experts are still developing theories.


Compounds like Citicoline Sodium are recommended for use among individuals of all ages. Post-stroke patients, however, are cautioned with Citicoline Sodium use as it may pose certain risks.

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