December 2022 Ingredients Market News

December 2022 Ingredients Market News

December 2022 Ingredients Market News

What Are the Factors Affecting the Global Ingredients Market?


In October, inflation was high at 8.2%, and most vendors attempted to increase sales through promote on.

Exchange Rate

In early 2022, one U.S. dollar (USD) was equivalent to approximately 6.5 CNY. Today, it equals about 7.2 CNY. Due to China’s encouragement of exports, the exchange rate between the Chinese Yuan and the U.S. dollar has reached new all-time highs.


Ocean freight costs dropped to 10% of their value in June due to a decrease in economic activity.

War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has caused an energy emergency in Europe, resulting in high energy costs and increased demand for grains and starch products.

2022 Ingredients Information Update


The price of arginine is stable, but Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) 2:1 powder‘s output has decreased.

Acesulfame KFCC

The price has gone down by 10-20%.


Due to low demand, the price is currently down.

Alpha GPC

The price of Alpha GPC 50% powder and Alpha GPC 99% powder is stable.


The price of DIM powder is stable.


The bulk i3C powder‘s price is stable.

Ascorbic Acid 

The price of ascorbic acid has fallen to levels lower than in 2016, but it may rise slightly during the holiday season.

Ascorbyl Palmitate

Supply and price are stable.


The price is currently low, and both Chinese and Japanese factories are exporting to the U.S. market.

Beta Alanine and L-Alanine

The U.S. market is expected to decrease early next year as factories adjust production lines and gas prices have raised costs.

Beta Glucan 

The market and price are stable.

Betaine and Choline

Price is trending down because the starting material is becoming cheaper, and U.S. domestic production has normalized.

 Bovine Collagen Peptide

The price of the good is expected to go up early next year due to increased energy costs.

Carnitine Products

The market for this ingredient is trending down, and vendors are trying to sell their remaining stock.

Chlorella Powder and Spirulina

The spirulina price is lower now than last year due to decreased demand; however, the chlorella price has looked slightly better and should remain stable with stock levels low.

Chondroitin Sulfate

The price, for now, is soft in both the U.S. and European markets due to weak demand.

Citric Acid USP

The price is trending down because the domestic supply is on the rise.


The price of CoQ10 bulk powder continues to go down, with new factories appearing to meet increasing demand from the U.S. market, although potencies are decreasing somewhat.

Creatine Mono

The price of creatine monohydrate powder is gradually coming down for domestic producers of factories resuming production.

D-Xylose, Maltitol, Sorbitol and Xylitol

The product cost has not changed much, except for a decrease in price due to changes in currency value and freight costs.

DL-Methionine and L-Methionine

Some factories have put production on hold because of low demand.

Dextrose (Anhydrous and Monohydrate) 

The cost of products is increasing, but the overall sales price is decreasing because of lower freight costs.


The cost of products is increasing, but the overall sales price is decreasing because of lower freight costs.


Fermentation-grade GABA has recently entered the market, and production is becoming more smooth; as a result, output has steadily increased, and the price has become soft but is expected to stay at current low levels through Q4 and into early 2023.

Glucosamine Series Products

Prices are trending down because exports to Europe have decreased, and the output is mostly going to the U.S. market.

Glycinate (Calcium Glycinate, Magnesium Glycinate, and Zinc Glycinate) 

The product price is dropping due to freight costs and glycine prices.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

The price of green coffee beans EXT powder has increased, but demand appears to be lower, leading to fierce competition in sales.

IBCAA, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine

The market is slowly recovering and is expected to recover by early 2023 fully.


The price is gradually falling due to currency fluctuations and decreased demand.


The price of the starting material is currently firm in Europe.

L-Arginine and L-Citrulline

Factories adjust their outputs and production lines because of high output and a large amount of stocked product, making for a low price.

L-Cysteine HCI, L-Glutamic Acid HCI, and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

The starting materials and production costs have increased, but low demand makes sales soft.

L-Glutamic Acid, L-Glutamic Acid HCI, and L-Pyroglutamic Acid

The glutamic acid market has been soft since Q3, with prices dropping due to an oversupply of the product.


The market price for the L-Glutamine powder is stable, even though the sales price should be decreasing due to decreased freight costs.

L-Glutathione Reduced

Due to relatively stable supply and flat demand, this ingredient no longer has a significant market.

L-Histidine Based, L-Histidine HCI, L-Proline, and L-Serine

Currently, prices are stable.

L-Lysine, L-Threonine and L-Tryptophan

Price is low, and demand is decreasing.


Phenylalanine is produced more in response to low profits from other amino acids.


The L-Theanine bulk powder‘s price is expected to stay low for a few months due to intense competition between factories.


This year’s harvest has been good, and demand is rising simultaneously. The price usually stays the same. The same is true for all nutrients that are good for the eyes.

Malic Acid (DL and L Form)

The cost is diminishing alongside sea cargo costs.


Tapioca Maltodextrin: Some Chinese factories are shipping tapioca maltodextrin to the United States. Although tapioca maltodextrin is slightly more expensive than maltodextrin made from corn, it does not contain any allergens, and its raw material supply from South Asia is stable.

Rice maltodextrin: There may be a rice shortage in the coming months due to storms and an intense rainy season in India.


The melatonin powder‘s price is expected to stabilize in the next few months as factories adjust their production.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

The Price of MSM is low due to adjustments in starting material production but is expected to increase between December and early next year.

Milky Thistle

The price is stable. Supply and demand are balanced.

Mineral Products(Calcium Carbonate, Calcuim Citrate, L-Calcium Lactate, Magnesium Carbonate, Magnesium Citrate, and Zinc Citrate)

Ocean freight costs are largely blamed for the low unit cost per kilogram (kg) and its downward trend.

Monk Fruit Extract

The recent monk fruit harvest caused a 15% general cost increase.

Natural VE 

The price of wheat has stabilized after being high due to concerns over a potential global food crisis.

Natural Caffeine

The price of raw materials will increase because some factories have closed.

Niacin and Niacinamide

The price is anticipated to rise gradually from its current low due to increased costs for raw materials.

Organic Cordyceps Militaris Powder, Organic Lion’s Mane Powder, and Organic Reishi Powder

Production costs for raw materials, human labor, and energy have increased. The price is set and may rise slightly.

Pea Protein and Soy Protein

The price of the product itself hasn’t changed much. Due to changes in currency value and freight costs, the price is slightly lower.

Phosphate Salts

The price ranges from soft to stable.

Potassium Sorbate Granular

Due to lower freight costs, product costs are stable, and sales prices have fallen slightly.

Psyllium Husk Powder

The price of psyllium raw material has increased by 50% while the value of the U.S. Dollar (USD) vs. the Indian Rupee (INR) has increased, causing a decrease in demand for psyllium.


The price of Quercetin bulk powder was very high in the year’s first half, but it is now back to normal. This ingredient can be obtained directly from numerous factories.

Red Beet Roots

This year’s climate has reduced the harvest’s size by about half. The price is currently stable due to decreased demand.

SAMe Tosylate Disulfate

The factories say they are booked until February 2023 because of increased orders from Russia and India.

Sodium Hyaluronate

The cost of sodium hyaluronate decreases as the production scale increases.


 Corn Starch: The Price of corn starch is rising because the U.S. Department of Agriculture has lowered expectations for global corn harvests, specifically outputs from the Black Sea Region.

Tapioca Starch: Tapioca is a grain crop grown in South Asia and has recently seen increased exports from Vietnam and Thailand.

Wheat Starch: The global Price of wheat is rising because U.S. output is low due to drought, Argentinian and Australian outputs are low, and Russia announced it was ending its deal with Ukraine concerning grain exports from Black Sea ports.


At this time of year, factories typically use the leaves to produce more potent grades (such as R.A. 98%-90%) rather than less potent grades (such as Total R 40%-50%) because this year’s total output and harvest quality are both better. As a result, higher rates (like S) are decreasing, while prices for lower grades have stayed the same.


Generally, prices are going down, possibly because of a fire in a factory that produces sucralose bulk powder.

Synthetic Caffeine

The product price has not changed, but the currency’s value has changed, and the ocean freight cost has gone down.

Synthetic Vitamin E 50% Powder and Vitamin E 98% Oil

Factories have raised prices due to a gas price increase and high demand from the feed industry in winter, but that may not last long as there is less demand than expected.


The price is currently at an all-time low. It could rise again during Christmas and Chinese New Year in late January.


The price of trehalose is stable, and Chinese-origin trehalose is taking a larger market share than Japanese-origin trehalose.


The price is stable.

Vitamin B( Biotin, Cyanocobalamin, Folic Acid, Methylcobalamin, Pyridoxine HCI, Thiamine HCI, and Thiamine Mono

DSM has announced that it will raise prices, but it is unsure if this will reflect in the market. It is generally a good idea to stock up on vitamin B.

Vitamin K2 MK-7 

As a result of advancements in production technology over the past two years, the price has become more accessible.

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