2023 Bulk Raw Ingredients Applications Trend From 5 New Products Released

bulk raw ingredients applications trend

2023 Bulk Raw Ingredients Applications Trend From 5 New Products Released

Rasa, As A Coffee Alternative Maker, Launches Coffee Alternative

Recently, according to foreign media reports, coffee substitute manufacturer Rasa launched a coffee substitute, “Classic Rasa.” The new product is reported to replace caffeine with adaptogen herbs and mushrooms mainly.

It is reported that Classic Rasa is made of adaptogen ingredients such as Asian Red Ginseng, Cordyceps Sinensis, Rhodiola Rosea Extract Powder, Gynostemma, and Maca Extract Powder, combined with chicory, burdock root, and dates, and has the same function and taste as coffee.

Classic Rasa
Picture From: https://wearerasa.com

MR. YEE Launched The New “Daily Probiotic Gummies”

On January 10, MR. YEE, a functional snack food brand, launched a new “Daily Probiotic Gummy.” With two prebiotics, inulin bulk powder and erythritol powder, each gummy contains an average of 250 million active probiotics, 0 added sucrose, and the sweetness mainly comes from maltitol liquid.

Picture From: MR. YEE

Dongpeng Beverage Launches Electrolyte Water

On January 10, Dongpeng Beverage announced the launch of the electrolyte water product “Dongpeng Supplement,” which focuses on hydration and electrolyte supplementation. The electrolyte content of the new product is ≥400mg per liter. The product has two specifications of 555mL and 1L, and the taste is grapefruit.

Picture From: Dongpeng

Danone Launched A New “Youbai Animal & Plant Protein Milk Drink”

Recently, Danone launched a new double protein drink, “Youbai Animal and Vegetable Protein Milk Drink.” It is reported that this product contains both animal protein and vegetable protein. The protein content of each bottle is 10g. The main selling points are 0 sucrose, low fat, high calcium + vitamin D, and dietary fiber.

Picture From: Danone

Minayo’s First Blue Hat Product Is Online

Recently, Minayo launched its first blue hat iron supplement gummy, especially for people with anemia. According to the official introduction, each gummy contains 7mg of iron and, at the same time, uses a double iron supplement formula of ferrous fumarate and ferrous sulfate, claiming that iron supplementation is warmer and more efficient. The taste of the product is jujube.

Minayo gummy
Picture From: Minayo

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