The 24th Hi&Fi Asia-China 2023 Will Be Held In Shanghai On June 19-21

24th Hi&Fi Asia-China 2023

The 24th Hi&Fi Asia-China 2023 Will Be Held In Shanghai On June 19-21

More than 90% of the exhibitors have confirmed their booths, and the food raw materials exhibition in June will bring business opportunities at home and abroad.

After the epidemic, consumers are paying more and more attention to personal health. They are no longer satisfied with traditional healthcare products. The emergence of functional foods has gradually subverted people’s habit of taking nutrition care products. According to Innova’s latest 2023 Top 10 Food and Beverage Trends in China, when Chinese consumers are asked which product features in food/beverage are worth spending more money on, the number one ranking is “functional ingredients that promote health.” More and more consumers are beginning to choose and purchase functional foods that can achieve their own health.

Under the favorable market environment, the 24th Healthy Natural Raw Materials, Food Ingredients China Exhibition (Hi & Fi Asia-China 2023) will be held from June 19th to Held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on the 21st. The exhibition will focus on health raw materials, functional raw materials, natural organic raw materials, food additives, food ingredients, beverage raw materials, and other products. Base Expo (PBF2023), Starch Expo 2023, and Processing and Packaging Exhibition (ProPak 2023) will share an exhibition area of 150,000+ square meters, more than 100,000 professional visitors at home and abroad, and more than 2,000 exhibitors.

Exhibitors At Home And Abroad All Show Up To Focus On Domestic And Foreign Trade

At the beginning of 2023, the Shanghai Municipal Government issued the “Shanghai Action Plan for Improving Confidence, Expanding Demand, Stabilizing Growth, and Promoting Development,” which clearly supports the recovery and revitalization of the exhibition industry and supports the accelerated resumption of various exhibitions. With the good news, the activeness of major domestic raw material manufacturers to participate in the exhibition has been greatly improved. At present, more than 90% of the booths at the China Exhibition of Healthy Natural Raw Materials and Food Ingredients have been sold out, among which COFCO, Bloomage, Lonza, Angel Yeast, Ashland, Novozymes, Baolingbao, Xingguang Capital, Shanghai Xinrong, Honghao Chemical, Shandong Longli, Hubei Ruibang, Shenghebiology, Hubei Hege, Jiabiyou, Bailong Chuangyuan, Juneyao Runying, CommScope, Rizhao Jinhe, Hubei Xinhe, Gifuss, Luhua Biological, Shanxi Native Peptide, Kangjing Ocean, Yantai Twin Towers, Wuxi Jinnong, Shanghai Beilian, Shandong Tianjiao, Hangzhou Mingbao, Dongxiao, Tongtai Weirun, Henan Jindan, Jiahe, Henan Yuxin, Runpu, Shengmenuo, Shanenkang, etc.

From 0:00 on March 15th, the National Immigration Administration of China has adjusted the visa and entry policies for foreigners coming to China. The adjustment of China’s entry policies has made international exchanges more convenient. It is a positive signal for China to open its doors to embrace the world. It also means that there will be not only well-known domestic companies setting up exhibitions but also more overseas suppliers at the China Exhibition of Healthy Natural Raw Materials and Food Ingredients in June. The arrival of overseas exhibitors has injected strong vitality into China’s health and food markets, providing buyers with more trade options. Overseas exhibitors from the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries participated in the exhibition this year, including Givaudan, BIFIDO, HLSCIENCE, Dole, Neo Cremar, GF, Organic Natural, Sacco, ROELMI, Ju Yeong NS, KD Nutra – KD Pharma, SATORIA and many more. (Companies are listed in no particular order)

Multi-Angle Professional Forum To Talk About The “Big” Role of “Small” Raw Materials

The on-site supporting industry forum has always been a feature of the Healthy Natural Raw Materials and Food Ingredients China Exhibition. Every year, the organizer will join hands with professional partners in different fields to bring the audience full of knowledge sharing and social opportunities in the food circle.
This year, functional food can quickly open up the consumer market, thanks to the rapid development of food raw material technology. Food science and technology innovation is the primary boost to the development of the functional food industry, and the display of scientific and technological innovation achievements provides a gushing inspiration for developing new products. The core of functional food competition in the future will be the scientific and technical content of products, and various innovative raw materials will be gradually used in production. Healthy Natural Raw Materials and Food Ingredients China Exhibition pays attention to the dynamics of domestic functional raw materials and jointly launches functional food industry conferences in different directions with authoritative industry organizations, senior experts, and scholars to meet more industry professionals’ expectations for raw material predictions, application performance, and innovative formulas. Message requirement.

Some on-site forums on June 19-20

  • The 5th Symposium on Technology Development of Big Healthy Food Industry

Sponsors: Food Partner Network, Shanghai UBM International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

  • ISSN China Sports Nutrition Symposium

Sponsors: ISSN International Sports Nutrition Society, GPNi Academy of Performance Nutrition, Shanghai UBM International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

  • China International Probiotics Industry Exchange Seminar

Guiding unit: International Probiotics Association (IPA)

Sponsors: US-China Health Products Association (HPA), Shanghai UBM International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

  • 2023 Children’s Nutrition and Health Industry Forum

Sponsors: Shanghai Food Society, Shanghai UBM International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

  • Health food and functional food research and development, application key technology seminars

Sponsors: National Pharmaceutical Technology Innovation Service Alliance, Beijing Zhonglian Zhongke Information Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai UBM International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Tell The Story of Plant-based, Breaking The Circle is Just Around The Corner

Surveys show that today’s Chinese consumers want to see plant-based products beyond “imitating” meat and dairy products. They want plant-based products to become a separate category with better flavors, textures, and high-end, gourmet products. This year, at the same time as the exhibition of healthy natural raw materials and food ingredients in China, the “Plant-Based Expo (PBF)” will be newly established to promote the high-quality development of China’s plant-based industry and provide development opportunities for plant-based companies at home and abroad.

Can plant-based food really impress consumers? It has become a topic that the market has paid more attention to in the past two years. In order to create superior flavor, innovative formulation products may be a shortcut to breaking the circle of plant-based. The oat milk brand OATLY, an exhibitor at the International Plant-Based Expo, launched the brand’s first camellia-flavored oat latte ready-to-drink product in February 2023, which also aroused discussion and testing in the industry.

At this year’s Plant-Based Expo, visitors can also experience the food and beverage products of different brands of start-up plant-based companies. The plant-based tasting area, which the public has loved for 21 years, will continue to be established this year, and the audience can taste the products on the spot and rate the products. In addition, the organizer will join hands with Big Idea Ventures (BIV), a venture capital fund in the field of new food, and the China Plant-based Food Application and Promotion Alliance to jointly hold the China Regional Final of the Plant-Based Food Innovation Competition. The competition has been launched in six countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and the winners of each country will travel to Singapore this year to compete for a grand prize of US$200,000.

“One Ticket” China Unicom to Participate in The Same City Food And Medicine Event

It is often said that food and medicine have the same origin, especially for raw materials. There are many similarities between food and medicine.

June 19-21 National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

  • The 24th China Exhibition of Healthy Natural Raw Materials and Food Ingredients (Hi & Fi Asia-China 2023)
  • The First International Plant-Based Expo (PBF 2023)
  • The 13th China International Health Products Exhibition, 2023 Asia Natural and Nutritional Health Products Exhibition
  • The 17th Shanghai International Starch and Starch Derivatives Exhibition
  • The 28th Shanghai International Processing and Packaging Exhibition

June 19-21 Shanghai New International Expo Center

World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Pharmaceutical Machinery China Exhibition (CPhI & PMEC China)


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