4 Common Natural And Synthetical Sweetener Ingredients Compare

Sweetener Ingredients Compare

4 Common Natural And Synthetical Sweetener Ingredients Compare


There are three main types of natural sweeteners: Thaumatin, Monk Fruit, and Steviol Glycosides. Others are synthetic sweeteners, such as Sucralose, Aspartame, Acesulfame K, etc.

Where is the source of natural sweetener raw materials?

Soma sweet is not a raw material in China, and generally, Chinese companies do not sell this product.

The production area’s planting area limits Luo Han Guo, and Guilin and Hunan companies generally sell it.

The production bases of Steviol Glycosides are mainly distributed in Gansu, Inner Mongolia, etc. These places with long light hours and large temperature differences between day and night are the ideal growing places. Other areas, such as Anhui, Jiangsu, and Shandong, also have many planting bases.

4 Common Sweetener Ingredients Compare


The advantage of Aspartame is its high safety, and it is the product with the most thorough research on human safety among all sugar substitutes. Pure sweetness, with a refreshing sweetness very similar to sucrose, without bitter aftertaste and metallic taste. Aspartame is the sweetener with sweetness closest to sucrose that has been successfully developed so far.

Acesulfame K

Acesulfame-K powder is currently one of the safest high-intensity sweeteners used in the world. Its characteristics are as follows:

  • nutritious
  • no heat
  • safe and reliable
  • high sweetness
  • acid-resistant and heat-resistant
  • refreshing taste
  • good flavor


Sucralose Powder is the only sweetener derived from sucrose. It not only retains the advantages of sucrose but also removes its disadvantages of sucrose.
Sucralose has a taste similar to sucrose. Not only can it dilute the sour and salty taste, but it also hides the astringent, bitter, alcoholic taste, and so on. At the same time, it can also enhance the spicy, milky, and other flavors.

Sucralose is easily soluble in water and has high stability. Not only can it withstand high temperatures, but it can also maintain stability in a wide pH range.

Steviol Glycosides

Steviol Glycosides is the third natural sweetener with development value and health promotion besides sugarcane and beet sugar. It is known internationally as “the third sugar source in the world.”
Steviol Glycosides powder is stable at room temperature and will not go moldy or deteriorate in long-term storage without browning. The taste is similar to white sugar, and its sweetness is 200~450 times that of sucrose. The cost of using Steviol Glycosides is only 10-40% of that of sucrose. And low in calories, almost no calories. It can effectively prevent some modern diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, and dental caries. So it is the ideal sweetener to replace sucrose.
Each size of Steviol Glycosides Powder has a different taste. Generally, the higher the specification, the better the taste and the less miscellaneous flavor.


Affected by cost and process, natural sugar is positioned as a mid-to-high-end product in the market. But natural sugar does not have a very clean and pure sweetness like sucrose.

For example, Steviol Glycosides powder is extracted from stevia leaves. Steviol Glycosides powder tastes slightly different from batch to batch because stevia cultivation is affected by climate change, light exposure, and technical processes.

Therefore, considering cost, sweetness, and taste, sweetener compounding technology is usually used in the industry. It is to add several sweeteners together to develop products. When mixed with sucrose, fructose, glucose, maltose, etc., not only is the taste of Steviol Glycosides purer but also the sweetness can be multiplied.

Data from the International Diabetes Federation predicts that by 2045, the number of people with diabetes worldwide will reach 629 million, with a compound annual growth rate of 48%. These increasingly serious health problems have made people’s demand for healthy and natural products more and more urgent, and the consumption of sugar has gradually decreased, so the opportunities for natural sweeteners have emerged.

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