Why Is 5-HTP Bulk Powder Also Called Griffonia Seed Extract?

5-HTP bulk powder

5-HTP usually has two production processes. They are the natural extraction method and the synthetic method.

When the factory uses the natural extraction method, the raw material is Griffonia Seed. Therefore, the natural 5-HTP powder is also called Griffonia Seed Extract.

The 5-HTP bulk powder is made by synthetic method, and its raw material is tryptophan.

Nutri Avenue focuses on 5-HTP fermentation. The benefits of fermentation are as follows:

  1. Not restricted by Ghanaian seeds, stable price, and output.
  2. 5-HTP powder has only low solvent residue.
  3. 5-HTP powder is whiter than other factories or suppliers, and the total impurities are within 0.03%.

Currently, there are two common specifications 5-HTP powder 98% and 5-HTP powder 99%.

Has Nutri Avenue tested the heavy metal and microbiology contents for 5-HTP?

We have just tested the heavy metal and TPC (total plate count) by Eurofins. All the figures have strictly complied with the standards.

5-HTP test

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