5-methyl-7methoxyisoflavone: High Cholesterol


5-methyl-7methoxyisoflavone: High Cholesterol

Featured in several journals, magazines and other publications, bodybuilders and athletes have recently became interested with a fast-rising testosterone-like compound known as 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone. Manufacturers and experts in the field of musculoskeletal health reveal that aside from significantly increasing muscle mass, the compound is also a miracle ingredient in terms of improving overall masculinity. A lot of studies are now being conducted not only to determine the efficiency of 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone in improving body built but also in preventing cancer development and enhancing blood circulation towards the distal portions of the body including the fingers and the toes.

What is 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone?

Also known as Methyl Isoflavone, 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone is among the group of popular flavonoid compounds known to contribute several health benefits among human users. The compound is typically extracted from pigments of plants, especially those with striking colors like red and yellow. Some types of nuts and seeds also contain considerable amounts of Methyl Isoflavone. Although the compound can be supplemented through ordinary diet, it is best supplied through health supplement formulations as it is typically included within daily recommended doses. The discovery of the existence of flavonoid compounds began in as early as the 1930’s but due to lack of clinical studies, the extensive use of the 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone in the field of health supplement manufacture only began in the recent decade.

Health benefits of 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone

Increasing flavonoid daily intake through 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone supplementation is proven to be quite helpful among individuals of all ages, especially adults and the elderly. There are only minimal drug interactions associated with 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone use but for safety, individuals taking other medications for maintenance purposes are advised to seek physician’s advice prior to use of Methyl Isoflavone supplements. The following are benefits of taking 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone:

  • It may prevent high cholesterol diseases

Many diseases can easily result with consistent high levels of cholesterol. Aside from blocking blood vessels and impeding normal circulation, cholesterol may also accumulate in cellular key receptors, thereby preventing entry of insulin, glucose and other essential nutrients. Studies show that adequate intake of 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone may promote cholesterol elimination through certain unidentified patterns.

  • It may reduce inflammation

Certain studies are also focused on determining the association of 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone and inflammation control as it is a significant finding which can improve use among bodybuilders and athletes. Very few evidences are currently at hand to establish the claim.

  • It may enhance detoxification

Toxic compound elimination is one of the key considerations for the prevention of various diseases including cancers and Diabetes Mellitus. In one study, it was found that the antioxidant 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone may also help enhance detoxification process following long-term supplementation.


Supplementing isoflavone compounds such as 5- methyl-7- methoxyisoflavone is an ideal health practice. There being no side effects associated with use of the compound, it is highly advised for inclusion in health supplement formulations.

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