Is Grains of Paradise Aframomum Melegueta?

Grains of Paradise may improve bodybuilding effects as it enhances body fat composition and proportion

Is Grains of Paradise Aframomum Melegueta?

Grains of Paradise powder, is a popular medicinal herb that may promote weight loss and enhance bodybuilding effects among athletes and bodybuilders. Its prime component, 6-Paradol, helps increase energy levels and prevent exhaustion. The product may also be useful in persons suffering from epilepsy.

What is “Grains of Paradise”?

Also known as Aframomum Melegueta Extract Ingredient, Grains of paradise extract, Aframomum melegueta seed extract, Grains of paradise co2 extract, CaloriBurn GP, and Paradoxine, the product is an ideal dietary supplement ingredient for optimum health and wellness. It is native to West Africa and has applications not only in the medical field but also in the culinary fields.

The seeds of Grains of Paradise which are described as having a pungent, peppery taste, contain several compounds which may promote health. One of which is 6-Paradol which is a potent anti-obesity compound.

The molecular formula of the compound 6-Paradol is C17H26O3 and its molecular weight is 278.4 g/mol. It is described as having CAS number 27113-22-0.

grains of paradise structure

The compound of Aframomum Melegueta has a pink-to-white powder appearance and is generally soluble in DMSO.

Constituents of Grains of Paradise

Aside from the compound 6-Paradol which is the main key ingredient in the product, Grains of Paradise contains several other compounds including 6-gingerol, 6-Shogaol, and 6-Gingerdione.

The CAS number of 6-gingerol is 39886-76-5. Its molecular formula is C17H26O4 and its molecular weight is 294.4 g/mol.


As for 6-Shogaol, its CAS number is 555-66-8, its molecular formula is C17H24O3 and its molecular weight is 276.4 g/mol.

6-Shogaol 555-66-8

Lastly, the CAS number of 6-Gingerdione is 61871-71-4, and its molecular formula is C17H24O4. The molecular weight of 6-Gingerdione is 292.14 g/mol.

6-Gingerdione powder

According to studies, Grains of Paradise contains at least 12.5% of the compound 6-Paradol.

Sources of 6-Paradol

Many herbs and spices contain relative amounts of 6-Paradol. However, the main sources of the said compound are Grains of Paradise and Ginger.

Some alcoholic beverages are also shown to contain 6-Paradol.

Grains of Paradise vs. Pepper

Although Grains of Paradise or Alligator Pepper and the ordinary Pepper have almost similar appearances and are both beneficial in culinary fields, they differ in several different aspects.

Foremost, Grains of Paradise are native to African regions, while Pepper is mostly found in Asian regions. Also, pepper is more commonly used as a spice, while Grains of Paradise serves as its substitute. In terms of taste, Grains of Paradise has a “lighter punch” as compared to Pepper.

Grains of Paradise Forms and Specifications

The product may be obtained in a 10:1 ratio extract. Some suppliers also offer pure 6-paradol powder for dietary supplement formulations. The standard specification for the same is 12.5%. However, you may also avail of customized standard extract ratios depending on your needs.

Grains of Paradise powder may be purchased from Nutriavenue, a company that offers high-quality products at very affordable prices. When you buy the product in bulk, it may be packed in paper drums with two layers of poly bags inside. You may also avail of a different packaging option depending on your preference.

How do the Grains of Paradise Work?

The mechanism of Aframomum melegueta ingredient in promoting weight loss has essentially something to do with burning calories through the activation or conversion of white adipose tissues into brown adipose tissues. Brown adipose tissues or brown fats are special types of fats in the body that are typically activated when there is a need for the body to produce heat. In short, brown fat only becomes metabolically active during thermogenesis.

Recent researches show that Grains of Paradise effectively stimulate the burn-up of brown adipose tissues. This mechanism is believed to increase metabolism and even enhance energy production.

6-paradol and 3,3-diiodothyronine

Both 6-paradol and 3,3-diiodothyronine are found to have potential effects in stimulating the fat-burning process of the body. Some manufacturers combine the compounds for more effective weight loss.

Grains of Paradise Manufacturing Process

The key compound in Grains of Paradise which is primarily obtained for its health benefits is 6-paradol. In the production of the said compound, the raw materials used are the fruits of Grains of Paradise. Steps involved in the manufacturing process include extraction, the concentration of the extract into appropriate proportion, purification and isolation, and lastly, collection of the concentrate.

Grains of Paradise Powder Health Benefits

Among the benefits of using Grains of Paradise include the following:

  • It promotes weight loss.

Grains of paradise powder has long been known to promote weight loss as it induces rapid calorie burning through the conversion process of brown fats.

Grains of Paradise powder weight loss
  • It increases energy production.

The burning of calories results in the production of heat and energy. Thus, with the supplementation of Grains of Paradise, experts say that energy production may increase, thereby benefiting athletes and bodybuilders who are engaged in extraneous workouts.

  • It may improve bodybuilding effects.

Researchers also say that Grains of Paradise powder may improve bodybuilding effects as it enhances body fat composition and proportion. This is because it prevents storing up of energy reserves as fats and promotes their burn-up.

Grains of Paradise benefits
  • It may work against epilepsy.

Among the historical medicinal uses of Grains of Paradise is the treatment of epilepsy. Researches reveal that medical foundations may exist to support the said claim on the effects of Grains of Paradise among epileptic patients.

Grains of Paradise powder

Grains of Paradise Side Effects

There are relatively no adverse reactions associated with the use of Grains of Paradise within recommended doses. However, some users may experience mild side effects which involve the gastrointestinal tract. These symptoms are expected to disappear within the first few doses. If symptoms persist, or in cases where adverse reactions occur, users are advised to immediately consult their physicians.

Grains of Paradise Powder Dosage

Most medical experts say that a dose of 30 mg of Grains of Paradise powder taken daily is safe and effective. The doses may increase depending on the needs of the user. A different dose may also be prescribed by a physician depending on the user’s weight, age, and overall physical condition.

Where to Buy Bulk Grains of Paradise Powder?

Due to the uncertain FDA policy, we have decided not to sell this product for the time being. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

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