9 Raw Ingredients Changes You Need To Focus On 9/18-9/24

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9 Raw Ingredients Changes You Need To Focus On 9/18-9/24

Sodium Saccharine

Recently, the price of this additive has been declining. This week, the market price of Sodium Saccharine is around $5.1-5.6/kg. This price is considered in a historical position, and the price reduction range is more than $100/mt. As you can see, now is the best time to buy Sodium Saccharine.

Hyaluronic Acid 0.8-1.4M Daltons

There is news that the market quotation of Hyaluronic Acid powder will increase. The reason for this is that when the new batch arrives in the United States, the quantity of this ingredient is only one ton. At present, the existing inventory in the US warehouse is less than 50kg. Therefore, the factory stated that the price of new batches of Hyaluronic Acid powder arriving in the United States will be increased later. The price increase is expected at no less than $88/kg.

This week, the market price of this ingredient in existing stocks is $72-88/kg.

D Biotin Pure

The price of D biotin powder has dropped slightly. This week’s quotations range from $195.5 to 220/kg.

Benfotiamine Powder

Like D Biotin, Vitamin B1 Benfotiamine has also seen a slight decrease in its market price. Currently, there are about 1,000kg+ in stock in the US warehouse. The market price this week is $75-88/kg.

Nicotinamide Riboside NR

On the market, in order to ensure the stability of NR powder, chloride is added to this ingredient, namely Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride powder. The two have the same effect, but NRC is more stable than NR and easier to process.

Currently, the NR market is developing stably. This week, its market price is $155-189/kg.

Collagen Bovine

The anti-aging market is growing in popularity. Ingredients with anti-aging properties are very popular. Bovine Collagen powder is one of the most trusted ingredients in the anti-aging market. Its market price remains stable. The market price this week is $15.5-22/kg.

Vitamin K2 Menaquinone 7

This ingredient is fermented from pure natural natto. There are currently no significant changes in the market. The price this week is $108-135/kg.

Creatine Monohydrate

The entire creatine monohydrate market is in short supply. Orders from relevant factories have been scheduled until 2024. Moreover, the latest research shows that creatine powder is good for brain health and cognitive function. Market demand for this ingredient is expected to continue to grow.

This week, the price of creatine monohydrate is relatively stable, at $8.5-12/kg.

Organic Monk Fruit Extract

The raw material for this extract, Luo Han Guo, is about to be harvested. Therefore, factories will clear inventory by cutting prices. This week, the market price of Organic Monk Fruit Powder Extract is $198-400/kg. The large price gap is due to the different purity. The two most popular specifications on the market are as follows.

  1. Organic Monk Fruit Extract 25% MV
  2. Organic Monk Fruit Extract 50% MV

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