A Better Heart, a Better Body with Tri-creatine malate

creatine malate

A Better Heart, a Better Body with Tri-creatine malate

Bodybuilding at its best, according to experts, can be made possible with the help of creatine compounds supplementation, especially that of Tri-creatine malate. For more than a thousand times, Tri-creatine malate has been mentioned and upheld in bodybuilding articles for its proven effects in enhancing lean muscle development efficiently without causing any untoward effects. Several users of Tri-creatine malate health supplements have also posted testimonials and success stories on how the compound has improved their fitness but beyond the effects of the drug on the outward appearance, experts say that it has many other benefits for the internal bodily systems.

What is Tri-creatine malate?

The compound Tri-creatine malate results when malic acid and creatine combines. On its own, creatine is not readily absorbed by the body due to the complexity of its molecular structure. By including a malic acid group in its chemical formula, however, creatine is able to enter body cells efficiently and produce therapeutic benefits. Malic acid is also essential in the increasing adenosine triphosphate or ATP levels in the body which boosts energy production and control fatigue. The combination of the two molecules which results to the compound Tri-creatine malate is believed to synergize health benefits among users of Tri-creatine malate supplements.

Health benefits of using Tri-creatine malate

The recognition of the compound Tri-creatine malate in the world of medical science as a potential ATP-boosting molecular structure with easy absorbability has led to the initiation of several advanced studies involving the drug. In the course of these researches, experts were able to develop claims on the potential health benefits of using the drug, which include, among others, the following:

  • It improves athletic performance

Long-term endurance, physical strength and motivation are among the health benefits of Tri-creatine malate supplementation in relation to athletic performance. Experts say that the compound enhances muscle contraction and prevent straining or fatigue by providing the body with adequate levels of ATP even after long hours of exercise. Bodybuilders, as well as athletes and ordinary individuals, are advised to take Tri-creatine malate supplements for long lasting energy.

  • It promotes muscle development

Inclusing Tri-creatine malate supplements in a lean muscle development regimen is said to be effective, especially among young adults. The compound helps increase oxygen and nutrient supply towards muscle groups during exercise to enhance contraction, thereby leading to fat burn and eventual lean muscle development. Effects may not, however, be noticeable within the first few doses.

  • It enhances cardiac function

Not known to many individuals, the pumping of the heart for blood circulation is brought about by the contraction of the myocardium, the muscle layer of the heart. By effectively increasing ATP levels, cardiac function also improves with Tri-creatine malate supplementation, according to studies.


Out of a hundred compounds proven to enhance bodybuilding, Tri-creatine malate is within the top ten categories due to is efficiency and safety. Fitness is no longer just a fantasy with Tri-creatine malate supplementation.

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