A Future Cancerless Generation with Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester

Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester

A Future Cancerless Generation with Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester

The introduction of potential nuclear transcription factor NF-KB activation inhibitors like Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester, also known as CAPE, has paved the way to the reduction of morbidity and mortality rate among patients suffering from cancer. Along with effective chemotherapy and radiation therapy measures, Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester has been shown to improve prognosis in several forms of cancers like oral cancer and liver cancer. Several in vitro animal subject studies have also proven some other potential health benefits associated with the use of the compound, although these claims still require further analysis through human subject studies. Knowing all the benefits associated with Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester use, major health supplement brands have already included the compound as one of their primary ingredients in supplement formulations.

What is Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester?

Although naturally found in several plant forms, Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester compound used in health supplement formulations are mostly synthetically formulated under strict standard laboratory procedures. The compound may, however, be extracted from honeybee hives as it is a natural bioactive compound prevalent in the structure’s propolis. As a potential option for adjunct cancer treatment, Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester has become a primary subject in several oncology studies since its early discovery.

Health benefits of using Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester

Safety issues on Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester use have been ruled out following firmly founded studies showing its safety for use among humans. After establishing that the compound is generally safe, various researches were conducted to determine the health benefits of using Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester. The following are some of the results of these studies:

1. It has anti-inflammatory effects

While several brands of anti-inflammatory medications are sold in the market, experts say that taking health supplements containing natural anti-inflammatory compounds like Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester is a lot healthier for purposes of lower side effect risks. The compound has been shown to reduce inflammation among mice subjects chemically induced with inflammatory substances in just a few hours. No side effects are also found with Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester supplementation for anti-inflammatory benefits.

2. It may prevent cancer

The claim that the compound may help treat cancer through induced apoptosis and anti-proliferative properties is once again made firmer with the finding that the compound also has properties to prevent cancer cell formation. Experts say that Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester has antioxidant properties, which helps in the elimination of toxic cancer-causing chemicals in the body which are not easily eliminated through ordinary bodily detoxification.

3. It has immunomodulatory properties 

The immune system plays a vital role not only in cancer cell growth control but also in inflammatory responses of the body. Studies show that within certain doses, Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester has immunomodulatory properties, which means that it may reduce or enhance the function of the immune system depending on the body’s needs.


CAPE is not a newly-discovered compound but the establishment of its health benefits continue to amaze scientists every day. With Caffeic acid Phenethyl ester, cancer may become just like any other treatable disorder in the future.

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