A Natural Mineral For Natural Intellect: Magnesium L-threonate

Magnesium L-threonate

A Natural Mineral For Natural Intellect: Magnesium L-threonate

Fruits and vegetables are generally abundant with vitamins and minerals necessary for regulation of bodily processes but for all-out brain health and cognitive power, experts say that Magnesium L-threonate supplementation is a need. Over the years, medical practitioners have overly emphasized on supplementation of minerals such as Calcium and Potassium for their known effects in promoting bone and heart health but with the discovery of the contributory effects of Magnesium on mental function, experts of the modern days now strongly encourage Magnesium L-threonate inclusion in health supplement formulations. Having no issues as to safety for human consumption, Magnesium L-threonate is currently tagged as the most effective compound for optimum brain health.

This ingredient has a patent issue in the USA. Nutri Avenue decided to not sell it from now on. It’s so sorry about it. This article hopes can help you know and research magnesium l threonate powder.

What is Magnesium L-Threonate?

Magnesium L-threonate is a significant compound responsible in the build-up of several enzymes in the body. It is typically derived from food sources, although it may deteriorate in percentage when the food is cooked or undergoes chemical processes. Laboratory-prepared Magnesium L-threonate are isolated from magnesium-rich sources and included with other compounds to preserve its efficiency and bioavailability even when it passes through the acidic digestive fluids. With the rise of evidences proving the extract’s ability in promoting cognitive abilities, the demand for Magnesium L-threonate is expected to increase over the coming years.

Health benefits of using Magnesium L-threonate

Long-term use of Magnesium L-threonate may help improve learning abilities among elderly individuals. Younger persons taking Magnesium L-threonate supplements are expected to manifest improvement in cognitive function in just a short-term period. Some of the health benefits of using the drug are the following:

  • It protects neurons from destructions

Neurons or nerve cells are the structural and functional units of the brain. With age, neurons are expected to deteriorate due to the ordinary process of wear and tear. There are, however, several methods on how to prevent rapid nerve cell degeneration such as the intake of supplements which provide neuro-protective benefits like Magnesium L-threonate. The compound is known to protect neurons by reducing trauma in the brain cells and maintaining adequate nourishment. The exact pharmacodynamics to this effect are not, however, fully understood.

  • It may stimulate critical thinking

Abstract and critical thinking is a difficult task not only among elderly individuals but also among youngsters. In a recently concluded study, it was found that Magnesium L-threonate supplementation can help improve critical thinking among most age groups, as compared to placebo variable subjects. Improvement in critical thinking abilities is shown to be a direct result of adequate nerve cell nourishment.

  • It may prevent degenerative brain disorders

With its neuro-protective properties, experts have derived probable conclusions that Magnesium L-threonate may help prevent degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.


Optimum brain function can help improve quality of living and prolong life. With a simple nutrient known as Magnesium L-threonate, optimum brain function is now within every person’s reach.

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