A Neuroprotective Skin Enhancer: L-Glutathione


A Neuroprotective Skin Enhancer: L-Glutathione

More than a compound for softer, smoother and whiter skin, L-Glutathione is the body’s most important antioxidant. L-Glutathione works by scavenging retained toxic chemicals in the blood and body cells and eliminating them through ordinary excretory processes such as sweating and defecation. With age, however, the amount of L-glutathione naturally reduces as the body fails to function at is maximum capabilities, leading to development of disorders associated with improper accumulation of toxins in the body such as cancers and metabolic disorders. In order to maintain efficient detoxification and protect body cells from early destruction, supplementing L-Glutathione compound is a necessity.

What is L-Glutathione?

L-Glutathione compound used in health supplements formulations are chemicals taken from natural sources such as plants to mimic the effects of natural Glutathione in the body. Unlike the unreduced, unoxidized form Glutathione, L-Glutathione is readily absorbed by the bloodstream after it surpasses mechanical digestion in the stomach. L-Glutathione is usually added to other health supplements compounds with bioavailability-lengthening effects as it is said to have short bioavailability.

Health benefits of L-Glutathione

Although the compound has been in existence since 1888, studies involving L-Glutathione to establish its claimed health benefits only began in the 1980’s. For several decades until the current year, experts have already established health benefits of using L-Glutathione with studies conducted both on animals and human subjects. Some of the known health effects of using L-Glutathione are the following:

  1. It may prevent age-related disorders

Early studies on L-Glutathione reveal that the reduction of the compound’s levels in the body can be associated with the development of age-related disorders including Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Experts say that the failure of the body to detoxify can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the Brainwhich can result to destruction of nerve cells. By increasing L-Glutathione levels and enhancing detoxification process, age-related disorders can be prevented and the appearance of early signs of aging can be controlled.

  1. It may boost male fertility

One of the effects of L-Glutathione being eyed by experts today is the potential claim that it may boost male fertility by increasing the quantity of sperm. Some theories provide that the compound may effectively reduce oxidative stress in sperm cells and protect them from destruction after being produced. With this claim, experts are also looking into the effect of the drug in enhancing fertility among women.

  1. It may help Control Depression

Another study has also established a probable association between depression or the reduction of serotonin in the brain and low L-Glutathione levels in the body. The lack of L-Glutathione in the brain can lead to oxidative stress in the brain cells which can lead to alterations in the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and subsequent mood changes. Therefore, L-Glutathione supplementation may be beneficial among depressive patients.


L-Glutathione primarily works for detoxification. With efficient detoxification in the cellular level, various health conditions can be prevented with L-Glutathione supplementation.

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