A New Way of Apoptosis-Inducement and Cancer Prevention through Ursolic acid

Ursolic acid

A New Way of Apoptosis-Inducement and Cancer Prevention through Ursolic acid

Being a baseline compound for the development of potent medical supplements, Ursolic Acid is said to provide several health benefits on its own. The compound is typically used in the formulation of health supplements indicated for athletes and bodybuilders but with the discovery of its many other health effects such as its potential anti-aging and anti-cancer properties, Ursolic Acid has already been included in dietary supplements for the general population. The use of Ursolic Acid has also became widespread in the field of cosmetics following the establishment of the claim that it may help eliminate dead skin cells and promote resurfacing of new skin cells. There is, however, an issue as to the compound’s safety as some studies show that overdose of Ursolic Acid may predispose patients to infertility.

What is Ursolic acid?

Ursolic acid is triterpenoid compound which serves as a starting material for various bioactive derivatives. The compound is found in high amounts in several plant sources such as rosemary and thyme as well as in the peels of certain fruits. Through advanced extraction procedures, experts isolate Ursolic acid from its sources and include the compound in health supplement formulations for the promotion of optimum health and vitality.

What are the benefits of using Ursolic acid?

As early as the 1920’s, experts have already begun studies to determine the health effects of Ursolic acid as well as its safety for human consumption. Throughout the decades, the following health benefits associated with Ursolic acid supplementation have been established through medically-accepted clinical studies:

  1. It may work against cancer

In a 2011 study conducted to determine the triggering effects of Ursolic acid in erythrocyte cell death, experts found that the compound may indeed enhance apoptosis or cell death in defective red blood cells which can result to blood cancer development. The apoptosis-inducing capability of the drug was once again tested in a 2014 study to determine whether in may work against other cancer types. The study concluded with a finding that Ursolic acid may work against several cancers.

  1. It may enhance lean muscle development

Unlike medical drugs which work enhance lean muscle development through immunosuppression and other unhealthy mechanisms of action, experts say that Ursolic acid may help promote skeletal muscle growth and development through safe and effective pharmacodynamics patterns. Athletes who have used Ursolic acid supplements have shown significant improvement in their lean muscle development with adequate supplementation.

  1. It may treat obesity

Obesity and overweight status may also be treated with Ursolic acid supplementation. The compound helps increase glucose utilization to prevent hyperglycemia and promote fatty tissue breakdown on during hunger to reduce fat accumulations in body organs and cells.


When combined with other synergistically useful compounds, Ursolic acid may promote general health for many age groups. As long as taken within doctor-recommended doses, Ursolic acid is expected to be very beneficial.

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