Acerola cherry powder: A “Cherry-like” Ingredient for Better Immunity

Acerola cherry powder

Acerola cherry powder: A “Cherry-like” Ingredient for Better Immunity

Although said to be native in several regions across the Western world, many historians say that the herbal medicinal source Acerola cherry, also known as West Indies cherry, actually originated from the Caribbean and Mexican region. Acerola cherry is traditionally used in alternative medical practices in the treatment of various health conditions affecting the digestive and respiratory tract. While it has the term “cherry” on its name, Acerola cherry should be distinguished from the cherry fruit. Acerola cherry derives its name from the appearance of its fruits which looks like cherries. In terms of health uses and other aspects of utilization, Acerola cherry is completely different from cherries. Acerola cherry powder is now used in the formulation of health supplement ingredient following discoveries of its potential health uses among individual users.

What is Acerola cherry powder?

Among the most common health supplement ingredients in the modern alternative medicine filed which is currently subjected to in-depth clinical studies is Acerola cherry powder. Recent discoveries on the powder include the fact that it is a very rich source of Vitamin C, which indicates its potential use as a solution for Ascorbic Acid deficiency and an enhancer of overall immunity. Many health experts also suggest that some of the compounds in Acerola cherry powder may help treat serious medical conditions including Diabetes Mellitus Type II and certain types of cancers. The patterns for these health claims are not, however, fully established yet due to lack of actual qualitative studies conducted on humans. In terms of safety, experts say that taking Acerola cherry powder within recommended doses is completely risk-free.

What are the benefits of using Acerola cherry powder?

There are many recent discoveries on the potential health uses of Acerola cherry powder. These benefits include the following:

  • It may promote cardiovascular health

Researchers have observed that Acerola cherry powder supplementation promotes the function of the heart through certain mechanisms of action. As a result, individuals who take Acerola cherry powder have better circulation in distal body portions including the brain, the fingers and the toes.

  • It has anti-aging components

Acerola cherry powder is also found to be rich in antioxidant agents which effectively promote new skin cell resurfacing and prevent rapid deterioration of body and skin cells. The effects of Acerola cherry powder in terms of skin health benefits are, however, not immediately noticeable.

  • It helps regulate metabolism

Acerola cherry powder contains vitamins and minerals which power-up metabolism and promote breakdown of fact molecules in the blood vessels and body cells. This benefit may result to effective weight loss and the prevention of obesity and other health conditions.


Many experts also say that Acerola cherry powder may help treat allergic reactions, prevent inflammation and provide other health benefits. In-depth clinical studies are necessary, however, to support these claims.

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