Achyranthes aspera extract: Ancient day Approach for Hemorrhoids

Achyranthes aspera extract

Achyranthes aspera extract: Ancient day Approach for Hemorrhoids

While regulatory agencies for modern medical treatments have not recognized the use of Achyranthes aspera extract in the prevention and treatment of many health conditions, a lot of quantitative studies and qualitative researches involving animal subjects show that the active compounds found in the extract may have potential uses in the field of medicine. In ancient Ayurvedic medicine, Achyranthes aspera extract is used in the production of a special alternative medicine known as Kshara. Historic researches show that Kshara is used in early surgical procedures to prevent rapid bleeding and the development of fistulas. Kshara, according to some researchers, may have also been used as a treatment for obesity. In the modern setting, Achyranthes aspera extract is included in health supplement manufacture as a prime ingredient for optimal health.

What is Achyranthes aspera extract?

Achyranthes aspera, also known as Prickly Chaff Flower, is a medicinal herb containing certain compounds necessary for maintenance of various bodily functions.  Phytochemical studies show that the herb contains high amounts of saponins and other chemical constituents including hexatriacontane and betaine. Taken through advanced laboratory extraction procedures, Achyranthes aspera extract is included in health supplement formulations primarily for its effects in improving obstetric and gynecological health. Although advised for use among women, pregnant women are not recommended to take Achyranthes aspera extract supplements without physician’s prescription as it may result to an abortion.

Health benefits of using Achyranthes aspera extract

In the early days, Achyranthes aspera extract is used as a medicine for ordinary health conditions including cough and colds. With the advent of modern clinical researches, however, experts have found many other uses of Achyranthes aspera extract which effectively meets modern day needs for optimal health. Some of the known benefits of using Achyranthes aspera extract include the following:

  1. It may prevent urine retention

Urine or fluid retention may not be alarming in the early stages of a disease process but once it continues for long periods of time, it may cause serious health effects which endanger a patient’s life. Studies show that Achyranthes aspera extract supplementation is effective in preventing fluid retention as it promotes diuresis. This may health effect may also result in the reduction of blood pressure.

  1. It may help prevent cancer

The compounds found in Achyranthes aspera extract are also discovered to help promote elimination of circulating free radicals in the human body. By activating detoxification processes, Achyranthes aspera extract helps prevent cancer cell growth and development.

  1. It may treat piles

Piles or hemorrhoids may also be treated and prevented with Achyranthes aspera extract supplementation. Experts say that the active compounds of the extract reduce inflammation in the rectal arteries, thereby preventing piles.


Achyranthes aspera extract is very useful in preventing many modern health conditions. It must be taken with caution among pregnant and lactating women.

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