Aconitine: A Poisonous Compound but Beneficial in Low Concentrations


Aconitine: A Poisonous Compound but Beneficial in Low Concentrations

Poisonous elements or toxins in plants are widely avoided when it comes to manufacture of alternative medical treatments or health supplements but according to recent studies, it was found that come compounds in plants which are toxic in high doses may promote health and wellness when taken in relatively low doses. One of the toxic compounds in plants is the fast-rising health supplement ingredient known as Aconitine. In general terms, Aconitine is classified as a poisonous toxin but, as shown in some health studies, and as evidenced by long-term use in traditional Chinese medicine, Aconitine is potentially useful. Experts raise high caution, however, among individual users as the compound can be very toxic in excessively high doses. Overdose of health supplements containing Aconitine may result to cardiac dysrhythmias, cardiovascular conditions and eventually, death.

What is Aconitine?

Aconitine is a compound isolated primarily from plant species belonging to the group of monkshood. It is found in the plant’s roots and is known to be a very potent poison. It was used in the early days in European regions as a killer of wolves and other creatures which cause damage to humanity. Despite its toxicity among some mammals and animal forms, Aconitine is said to be non-toxic to some insects, including caterpillars. Experts say that through processes in laboratory fields, Aconitine can be used in the field of alternative medicine to produce health supplements. It can provide various benefits, including prevention of cancer cell growth, as shown in some studies. The cancer-fighting effect of Aconitine is currently an important subject in health studies as quantitative studies suggest utmost efficiency. Experts are also concerned with the potential toxicity of the compound in the body, thereby limiting studies for use on humans. It is suggested, however, that Aconitine may be used safely, provided that excessive dosages are avoided among individual users.

Health benefits of using Aconitine

Aside from its potential effects in preventing cancer progression and inducing cancer cell death, experts say that Aconitine may also provide the following functions:

  • It may help reduce fever

During the early eras, Aconitine and its plant sources were used in the treatment of ordinary fevers. Experts say that at certain doses, Aconitine may promote reduction of fever as it has antipyretic effects. It is not intended, however, to replace fast-acting antipyretics.

  • It has analgesic effects

Aconitine is also believed in the historical days as a potential cure for all sorts of pain. In modern quantitative researches, it was found that there exists a scientific basis for declaring Aconitine as an analgesic. Further studies are required to establish the claim.

  • It may promote blood coagulation

Patients with bleeding disorders may also use health supplements with Aconitine so that blood coagulation may be promoted. This claim is not yet fully understood by medical experts.


Although potentially toxic in high doses, low concentrations of Aconitine may in fact enhance wellness. Patients who are undergoing medicine therapies and those who are diagnosed with certain conditions must take Aconitine only when prescribed by physicians.

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