FDA Approved: Adding Vitamin D3 to Cereals & Cereal Bars As A Nutritional Supplement

adding vitamin D to Cereal products

FDA Approved: Adding Vitamin D3 to Cereals & Cereal Bars As A Nutritional Supplement

Recently, according to foreign media reports, after Kellogg’s applied to the FDA to add vitamin D to cereals and cereal bars, the FDA issued an announcement to increase the level of vitamin D in cereals, which means that it is now available in Vitamin D is used in cereal bars for enhanced nutrition.

This new initiative may lead to more vitamin D bulk powder added to cereal-based products, enabling nutritional fortification and product innovation.

It is reported that the FDA is revising food additive regulations to regulate the safe use of vitamin D3 bulk powder as a nutritional supplement in breakfast cereals and cereal bars and has also added a reference to the specification of vitamin D3, which allows the addition of up to 560IU per 100 grams of cereals Vitamin D3, fortified with up to 400IU of vitamin D3 per 100g cereal bar.

Bulk Vitamin D Powder In Focus

Lacking Vitamin D can lead to various health problems, such as osteoporosis, hair loss, muscle weakness, and more. And its recommended intake is difficult to achieve from natural food sources such as fatty fish, egg yolks, and certain mushrooms.

Vitamin D intake has always been the focus of attention. According to Hartmann’s 2021 Health and Wellness Report, 59% of consumers want more vitamin D in their diet.

Nigel Hughes, senior vice president of global research and innovation at The Kellogg Company, said bulk vitamin D powder can now be obtained and consumed through everyday foods such as cereals and cereal bars.

Kellogg's products
Source From Kellogg

In July 2016, the FDA approved that vitamin D can be added to beverages made from milk and plants, and now it is approved to be used in cereals, and cereal bars, which further expands the application range of vitamin D powder, or will further promote the development of the vitamin D market.

Source of information: foodingredientsfirst

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