Adhatoda Vasica powder: A Respiratory Health Aid From Indian Alternative Medicine

Adhatoda Vasica powder

Adhatoda Vasica powder: A Respiratory Health Aid From Indian Alternative Medicine

Under traditional Indian medicine, the powder and extract of today’s popular health supplement ingredient Adhatoda Vasica is used in the treatment of various respiratory system conditions including narrowing of the alveoli or asthma and bronchitis. Experts in the early days believe that the compounds in the powder have certain effects in dilating respiratory passages, thereby promoting effective passage of air in the different parts of the lungs. In the modern times, laboratory scientists have conducted medical studies, both qualitative and quantitative to find out the exact effects of Adhatoda Vasica powder in the human body. While most of the claims observed are not yet fully understood and has not yet received recognition under government regulatory agencies, experts believe that Adhatoda Vasica powder is effective in promoting overall respiratory health.

What is Adhatoda Vasica powder?

Adhatoda Vasica powder is a modern health supplement ingredient taken from the evergreen shrub of Indian plains known as Malabur nut. The various parts of the plant source including its leaves, flowers, roots and stem are used in the production of medicines and in the extraction of certain compounds used in the medical field. Although Malabur nut has long been used in the Indian Alternative medicine field in the treatment of various disorders, many of the health claims associated with the use of the powder and extract forms have only been discovered in the modern days. Many scientists are also conducting studies to determine the safety of use of Adhatoda Vasica powder among individual users, although it has been established that it is completely safe within relatively low doses.

Health benefits of using Adhatoda Vasica powder

For thousands of years, Adhatoda Vasica powder has been used as an herbal remedy for sore throat and other lung conditions. There are, however, many other benefits of the supplement ingredient which makes it an ideal wellness aid. The following are among the other uses of Adhatoda Vasica powder:

  1. It may treat indigestion

Persons who usually suffer from indigestion may find relief with Adhatoda Vasica powder supplementation as it is observed to promote flatulence and reduce symptoms of indigestion. It is also said to promote overall digestive function.

  1. It may help prevent excessive bleeding

Women in the early days who suffer from excessive bleeding use Adhatoda Vasica as an alternative medicine. Today, experts say that the compounds in Adhatoda Vasica powder may indeed promote clotting and prevent excessive bleeding.

  1. It may cure skin diseases

Various skin illnesses may also respond positively with Adhatoda Vasica powder supplementation, as claimed by dermatologists. Adhatoda Vasica powder contains compounds which promote skin moisture and prevent dryness which may cause certain illnesses.


Adhatoda Vasica powder is good for various organ systems in the human body. It is relatively safe for use and very effective. It must, however, be taken with caution by individuals who are diagnosed with certain health conditions.

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