Aegeline: A Beneficial Ayurvedic Weight Loss Aid


Aegeline: A Beneficial Ayurvedic Weight Loss Aid

Recent issuances by the U.S. Food and Drug Association show that the compound Aegeline can be potentially toxic to the liver as it is classified as hepatotoxic. Over the years, debates and discussions concerning the potential risks of using Aegeline have been ensued and concluded but throughout deliberations, experts have made conclusions that the determination of the compound’s safety can only be established through actual human studies. It was also recommended, for purposes of safety, that the doses for Aegeline inclusion in health supplement formulations must be lowered to prevent liver damage. The health benefits associated with the use of Aegeline, according to experts, are very promising that reducing risks must be the primary solution instead of complete elimination.

What is Aegeline?

Aegeline is a known alkaloid typically isolated from certain plants found in Yogyakarta Indonesia. Although the compound is effective for purposes of enhancing various bodily processes in relatively low doses, studies have shown that it can be very toxic when taken in high doses. Aegeline has been used for decades and even centuries in Ayurvedic Medicine practices through herbal sources but during the early days, it was only taken in very low doses, which resulted to limited side effects being reported. The most important health benefit associated with Aegeline use is its effects in potentially reducing cholesterol levels. Many other health benefits may be associated with Aegeline use.

Potential uses of Aegeline

Emphasized in several studies is the significance of reducing doses for Aegeline to ensure safety. When taken within low doses, it can provide the following health benefits to individual users:

  1. It may reduce blood sugar levels

Patients suffering from increased glucose levels brought about by diseases such as glucose tolerance and Diabetes mellitus can possibly benefit with Aegeline use. This has been revealed in certain individual studies, although most of these researches are only conducted on animal subjects. Experts highly recommend the completion of human subject studies to fully establish the claim and ensure safety with respect to the given health benefit.

  1. It may enhance weight loss

Following reduction in blood sugar levels and subsequent control of the cholesterol levels among patients taking Aegeline-containing health supplements, experts believe that weight loss effects may result. While some experts say that the compound must be taken for long periods of time for weight loss to occur, some other groups of scientists say that low doses within a given period of time may be sufficient both for efficiency and safety. Long-term use of Aegeline at high doses is dangerous for the liver.

  1. It can promote cardiovascular health

Reducing cholesterol levels help prevent accumulation of fat molecules in the layers of blood vessels.  This health benefit directly improves cardiovascular health as hypertension, atherosclerosis and many other heart diseases can be prevented.


Aegeline is among the newest health supplement compounds which have been subjected to various lawsuits. As long as taken in regulated doses, however, it can be safe for use.

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