Agmatine Sulfate:The Super Arginine

Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine Sulfate:The Super Arginine

Pondering on Agmatine Sulfate   

Agmatine Sulfate is a by product of arginine through the process of decarboxylation. It is a process wherein carbon is removed from arginine and it resulted to the creation of a new compound, agmatine. Agmatine can be found in foods like meats, shellfish, fish and beer. Though agmatine is found in these kinds of food; it is naturally created inside our body so it means that our body can produce it. Facing the fact that agmatine is already in our body, there are some people who need it to improve their health, cure diseases, alleviate pain and people want to use it to improve their body shapes so they need a supplement to realize their dreams. The main concern is, are these claims regarding agmatine true? Can we really see the power of agmatine through its ability based on real researches and even results from people who are already using it? In varied researches, agmatine supplements could do different improvements in a human body.

Profits in Taking Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine could not only give benefits to people who are aiming for a better body shape or people who want to have greater muscle growth, it can also give benefits to the common people who only aim for a better health or to alleviate pain that they experience due to degeneration or malfunction of nerves. Let us look into facts which prove that agmatine can aid in body building and can help people who aim for a better health.


1. Agmatine could also help in body building for it enhances and improves insulin response of the body which then results to leaner and harder muscular composition of the body.

2. Agmatine can help in removing the sore in muscles when it is overworked due to vigorous activities. Agmatine has the capability to alleviate pain so athletes can work for a longer time in the gym.

3. Agmatine can also provide athletes or body builders to have a longer endurance because it has analgesic qualities. Pain is a hindrance to a better performance, with agmatine in body building, athletes will have longer time to enhance their muscle mass.

4. Agmatine also has the ability to control insulin production so sugar which is transformed in fats inside the body will then be reduced. This suggests that there is lesser probability of fat formation when a person uses arginine.

5. Agmatine is able to increase the production of Nitric oxide, Nitric oxide speeds growth and recovery time. In the body, if production of nitric oxide increases, there is also higher possibility of muscle growth and faster healing of damaged muscles.


1. Releases natural pain killers in the brain so it helps in pain management especially those people who experiences neuropathic pain( people with nerve degeneration and malfunction)

2. Increases the production of Nitric Oxide. Nitric oxide is capable of lowering blood pressure so it is helpful in stabilizing the tension in the blood.

3. Assists in increasing testosterone production for men. If there is an increase of testosterone, there is also an improvement of strength and muscle size, enhancement of body composition and even improves the libido of men.

4. Agmatine supports kidney functions which can probably help the people who suffer from chronic kidney diseases.

5. Agmatine is a neuroprotective agent. When a compound is called a neuroprotective agent it means that it has the capability to aid in saving and protecting neurons and nerves in the body from degenerating or malfunctioning.

6. Agmatine may prevent forms of cancer and cardiovascular diseases which may lead to other serious chronic disease.

7. Agmatine improves mood and is safe for the brain. Agmatine is a compound which affects the brain; it can help a person to relieve stress and anxiety. It is also safe for the brain because it does nothing to damage or affect its function; it even helps the brain to protect neurons so that wrong signals will not be sent and felt by the body.

Notes on Agmatine Sulfate

Researches and reviews on agmatine sulfate give us  positive views on how it works,  how it positively affect the human body and undoubtedly whether you are an athlete or not,   it can help you improve your health, stamina and body composition. What are you waiting for? For a healthier lifestyle, buy agmatine sulfate right now! This might be the supplement that you have been waiting for and the supplement that works best for you!

The contents of this article convey a good message about agmatine sulfate; it is still the best to consult your physician before adding agmatine supplements in your daily routine especially when under medication to avoid negative effects. Remember, it is better to have precautions first before jumping into something.

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