Aloe emodin: Reducing Statistics For Breast Cancers

Aloe emodin

Aloe emodin: Reducing Statistics For Breast Cancers

A huge percentage of the female population worldwide, according to a recent statistical survey, is shown to suffer from breast cancer, a devastating condition which is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality across the globe. In search for a potential medication for breast cancer and other types of cancers, experts in modern medicine have come across a compound which can potentially prevent and even treat currently subsisting cancer cell formations in breasts. The compound Aloe emodin, which is found in the leaves of aloe vera, is now being studied upon for its positive responses in treating breast cancer. It is also being researched upon for its potential effects against other forms of cancer cell growths. Many manufacturers of health supplement compounds now include Aloe emodin in their formulations as it is proven to be efficient.

What is Aloe emodin?

The compound Aloe emodin is classified under taxonomical classification as an anthraquinone, along with emodin. It is believed to play vital functions in female hormone regulation and balance, thereby preventing abnormalities which can lead to cancer cell growth. Many other patterns are being established to understand how Aloe emodin exactly cures breast cancer. In some studies, Aloe emodin is also being claimed to possess anti-viral activities. It is not shown to work against certain types of viruses but studies reveal that the compound Aloe emodin works against viral infections affecting the reproductive system. Although potentially useful, individuals who are already suffering from serious conditions and long-term infections must seek physician’s advice prior to use of the compound to ensure safety.

Health benefits of using Aloe emodin

Aloe emodin-containing health supplements are usually indicated among female users but it can also be helpful among males as it may improve hormonal balance. Some of the other health claims of using Aloe emodin include the following:

  1. It works against Herpes Simplex infections

Herpes simplex infections, although treatable with ordinary antiviral conditions, can be very serious among immune-compromised patients. Health studies conducted on Aloe emodin reveal that the compound can be useful against Herpex simplex infections, both against Type 1 and Type 2 infections. The effect of the compound on other viral infections such as HIV is not, however, not yet established.

  1. It works against malignant tumors

Malignant tumors are cancer types which usually spread from one organ system to another or from one body organ to the next. Aside from working against benign types, studies reveal that Aloe emodin may also work against malignant tumors. This has been shown in several quantitative researches.

  1. It has anti-inflammatory effects

Aloe emodin is also believed to contribute to the anti-inflammatory functions of its plant sources. The compound may work against several types of inflammations and infections.


The use of Aloe emodin in health supplement formulations became widespread following discovery of its effects against breast cancer. The claim, along with other health claims of using Aloe emodin, is subject to deeper clinical studies.

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