What Are The Differences Between 3 Alpha GPC Specifications?

alpha gpc specifications

The common 3 specifications of Alpha GPC are as below:

  • Alpha GPC 50% Powder in bulk
  • Alpha GPC 85% Liquid
  • Alpha GPC 99% Powder in bulk

Alpha GPC 50% Bulk Powder

Alpha GPC 50% has two excipients.


It accounts for 43.5~48.5%.

Silicon Dioxide

It accounts for 0.5~1.5%.

Adding these two auxiliary materials prevents sticking together and enhances product fluidity. But it has no actual nutritional value or edible function.

Alpha GPC 85% Liquid

This specification is in liquid form.

Alpha GPC 99% Bulk Powder

After drying Alpha GPC 85% to remove impurities, Alpha GPC 99% can be obtained. Therefore, Alpha GPC 99% is in pure powder form.

Alpha GPC 85% / Alpha GPC 99% are generally used for sports energy drinks.

Is Alpha GPC Soluble In Water?

Alpha GPC 85% and Alpha GPC 99% are completely soluble in water. Alpha GPC 50% cannot fully dissolve in water due to the addition of excipients.

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