Ambroxane: Aromatherapy Ingredient for Health


Ambroxane: Aromatherapy Ingredient for Health

Improving overall well-being through aroma therapy has been shown to be effective for most individuals, especially the adults in the late adulthood stage and elderly persons. When it comes to aroma therapy and perfumery, many individuals, both experts and ordinary persons, are quite familiar with the compound Ambroxane. It is typically derived from natural plant sources such as Salvia sclarea and Clary sage. Although it is not shown to have certain direct effects on specific body organs, many experts say that Ambroxane is very useful in improving health as it works through the psychological aspect. Many experts have also begun clinical studies to determine fully the feasibility of claims associated with use of Ambroxane in other fields of medicine.

What is Ambroxane?

Ambroxane is a white powdery substance. Having been extracted from the plant source Salvia sclarea, many experts say that many of the benefits of taking Salvia sclarea are associated with its Ambroxane content. The active content of the compound Ambroxane is Ambroxide. Because of its powerful perfumery effects, the compound is said to be very helpful in covering up the smell of tobacco. It is also used to improve the smell of tobacco and other products. Some cosmetic product manufacturers also include Ambroxane for perfumery effects. There are only a few qualitative studies available to prove how Ambroxane may improve overall well-being but many experts believe that it really works.

Health benefits of Ambroxane

The compound Ambroxane is very useful among individual users. Many quantitative researches conducted have shown improvement in overall health among human subjects as compared to placebo subjects. Some of the known potential health uses of Ambroxane include the following:

  • It may promote relaxation

Many historic studies show that the plant sources of Ambroxane are used in enhancing well-being through inhalatory mechanism. Ambroxane is believed to help reduce tension and promote relaxation. It may be used among patients who are suffering from anxiety and nervousness as it improves circulation in the brain and promote production of essential neurotransmitters.

  • It may prevent depression

Some clinical researches claim that Ambroxane may be very useful in preventing depression and other mood-associated disorders. Experts say that the compound may work by enhancing production of certain hormones and neurotransmitters which are responsible for mood regulation. The compound, however, is not intended to replace clinically-recognized antidepressant medications.

  • It improves overall cognition

Ambroxane may also improve overall cognition, especially among individuals who develop slowed mental responses when under stress. Long term use is necessary however for noticeable improvement in overall cognition.


There are many other potential uses of Ambroxane but these claims are still subject to study. Other aspects of its health uses are currently being explored.

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