Ambroxane for perfume and cosmetic industry: A Sclareol Derivative with an Ambergris Effect

Ambroxane is used in perfumery

Ambroxane for perfume and cosmetic industry: A Sclareol Derivative with an Ambergris Effect

Ambroxane is among the most important building blocks to a wonderful perfume scent. Aside from its application in the field of perfumery, the compound is also used in aromatherapy in the prevention of depression and other psychological issues. Ambroxane may also be used to cover up the smell of tobacco and improve the aroma of many other cosmetic products.

What is Ambroxane?

The compound Ambroxane is classified as an organic heterotricyclic compound and a diterpenoid. It is typically derived from sclareol, a molecule extracted from clary sage. It is said to be primarily responsible for the scent of ambergris, a substance found in the digestive tract of sperm whales.  It was first discovered in the 1950s and has since then become an effective substitute for Ambergris since it was prohibited for use. The compound has a strong woody-ambery, musky, sweet-earthy odor which makes it a well-liked aroma in the perfumery field. Ambroxane is also useful as it provides a fleeting effect for other perfume ingredients.

Ambroxane is best known for its brand name “Ambroxan”. Other names for the compound include Ambroxide, Ambroxene, Ambrox, Ambrofix, Ambroxan,  Ambermox, Orcanox, (3aR,5aS,9aS,9bR)-3a,6,6,9a-Tetramethyldodecahydronaphtho[2,1-b]furan, and 1,5,5,9-Tetramethyl-13-oxatricyclo[,9]tridecane. The compound is also known as having molecular formula C16H28O and CAS number 6790-58-5. Its molecular weight is 236.39 g/mol.

Ambroxane powder, which is usually used in various industries, is described as having a whitish crystalline appearance with an aromatic smell. It is generally insoluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents like ethanol.

Ambroxane forms and specifications

Ambroxane powder with 99% purity assay is the most common form used in various applications across a variety of industries. It is available for purchase from legitimate ingredient suppliers offering services online like Nutriavenue.

When bought in bulk from Nutriavenue, the compound is typically packed in paper drums with two layers of poly bags inside. The net weight of each drum is about 25 kilograms. Packaging may also vary depending on the customer’s preference, as well as the quantity of Ambroxane powder that is bought.

Cetalox vs Ambroxan

Cetalox is also a well-known component of perfumes and other products for its gentle and underwhelming fragrance. While both Cetalox and Ambroxan are known to have a scent similar to Ambergris, some users of the products claim that Cetalox is more inclined to have the “sweet” smell rather than the “woody, musky” smell. In contrast, Ambroxan has a lesser sweet but muskier, woodier, and more earthy scent.

Ambrinol and Ambroxan

Ambrinol and Ambroxan are both found in Ambergris and are known to be responsible for their unique odor. The production of these compounds involves the separation of a chemical known as Ambrein from Ambergris through raw heating of the same. Thereafter, the breakdown of Ambrein results in obtaining Ambrinol and Ambroxan.

Ambroxane and Sclareol

Sclareol is bicyclic diterpene alcohol that has a sweet, balsamic smell. It is among the components of the essential oil clary sage. Upon the oxidative degradation of Sclareol into Lactone and its hydrogenation into its corresponding diol, the resulting compound is subjected to dehydration to produce Ambroxane.

Ambroxane wholesale pricing

In most sources, the wholesale pricing for Ambroxan may range from $425 to $500 per kilogram. If you are looking for a supplier offering the product at wholesale price of as low as $425 per kilogram, you may contact Nutriavenue, a legitimate supplier offering high quality products at very affordable prices. The wholesale pricing is based on a bulk 25-kilogram purchase.

How does Ambroxane work?

Essentially, Ambroxane works as a fixative agent and a fragrance component of perfumes and other cosmetic products. Household products such as laundry detergent, dish soaps, and fabric conditioners also contain relative quantities of the compound as it is proven to improve the aroma of these products.

Ambroxane is also useful in aromatherapy as it produces a sense of relaxation. Some experts are also looking into the possibility of using the compound in psychotherapy as it may help reduce stress and relieve tension. It may also be used as a component of the treatment options for depression and other psychological illnesses.

Ambroxane benefits

Ambroxane is useful as it provides the following benefits:

It provides an Ambergris effect

In the past, Ambergris has been used in the field of perfumery due to its unique scent which is delightful among individuals. However, with the declaration of its illegal use and the difficulty in obtaining the compound, synthetic sources producing the same scent were sought. Ambroxane, being a component of Ambergris, is shown to possibly be responsible for the scent of the same. Hence, processes to obtain Ambroxane from Sclareol of Clary Sage were initiated. Today, Ambroxane is a popular compound that provides an Ambergris effect.

It is used in perfumery

With its woody-ambery, musky, sweet-earthy odor, Ambroxane has become a popular component of modern-day perfumes. Aside from providing a unique scent, Ambroxane also produces a fleeting effect in other perfume ingredients. The use of Ambroxane in the field of perfumery has also become extensive as it has an olfactive magnifying effect.

It acts as a fixative

The compound also acts as a fixative in perfumes. This means that it helps equalize vapor pressure and increase the tenacity of ingredients.

Ambroxane side effects

The most common side effects associated with Ambroxane use include those which are observed among patients developing allergic reactions. These include pruritus, hives, and swelling in the face, lips, tongue, or throat. It is important to immediately seek medical attention upon the development of dangerous adverse allergic reactions like difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, convulsions, and mood changes.

Ambroxane usage

Ambroxane is generally recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration. Its recommended usage level is up to 1.0% in fragrance concentrate.

Where to buy bulk Ambroxane powder?

Bulk Ambroxane powder is best purchased from Nutriavenue, an FDA-registered ingredient supplier which offers high-quality products at very affordable prices. Our company is preferred by many customers as we are recognized and certified by Halal, GMP, and Kosher.

We also offer a wide range of ingredients that may be used for dietary supplement formulations and research purposes. For our customers’ convenience, we also offer shipping services through the air, sea, or couriers like UPS and FedEx. Shipping rates may vary depending on the location of the customer and the number of products purchased.

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