Amla extract: Anti-oxidant for Overall Vital Processes

Amla extract

Amla extract: Anti-oxidant for Overall Vital Processes

The many benefits of the natural fruit Indian gooseberry or Amla has been subjected to modern clinical studies in order to establish actual effects on humans. Today, however, only quantitative studies have been conducted on humans, but qualitative studies have already been conducted on animal subjects. Experts say that Amla extract is quite effective in the prevention of cancer, as it contains compounds which are shown to possess detoxification effects. The antioxidant compounds in Amla extract also help eliminate toxins which affect function of some other cells, thereby improving overall vital processes of the body. Aside from reducing cancer risks, studies show that Amla extract may also prevent Diabetes. The mechanisms on how the compounds in Amla extract prevent the condition are not, however, fully established among human subjects. With the completion of in-depth clinical researches on Amla extract, experts are looking forward into the approval of the supplement ingredient as a medicinal source.

What is Amla extract?

Amla extract is a supplement ingredient which is taken from the popular alternative medicinal fruit Indian gooseberry. In phytochemical studies, the compounds in Amla extract mostly possess antioxidant properties. The extract is also a rich source of the natural Vitamin C, thereby effectively improving function of the human immune system. The high Vitamin C content of Amla extract is associated with the many claims of using the extract under traditional medicine, such as in the treatment of fevers and other signs and symptoms of an on-going body infection. Since the source of the extract is an edible fruit, there are no known risks of using the Amla extract but it must still be used within recommended doses to avoid adverse effects. It is also safe for use among individuals of all ages but when combined with other herbal extracts, it is ideal for use only among adult users.

Other health benefits of using Amla extract

The extract is primarily used in the prevention of cancer and in the control of manifestations of Diabetes Mellitus due to increased blood sugar levels. Aside from these benefits, Amla extract is known to provide the following medicinal advantages:

  • It may enhance memory

Historically, Amla extract is associated with improved cognitive function. Today, medical researches show that indeed, the compounds in the extract help improve function of the neurons, thus improving vital brain processes such as memory work. Persons who are experiencing memory lapses may use Amla extract for improved memory capacity.

  • It has anti-inflammatory effects

Amla extract may also work in the prevention of inflammation or swelling brought about by any factors. It is said to help control joint inflammations such as arthritis and gout. It may also work against other inflammatory conditions of the body.

  • It may work against hair loss

With the increase of persons experiencing hair loss at an early age, the use of ingredients which help prevent the condition like Amla extract has become quite extensive. Amla extract is also included in the formulation of shampoos and other hair products.


The supplement ingredient Amla extract can be used for various purposes in the improvement of vital body functions. It is also safe for use, as long as it is taken only within recommended doses.

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