Ancient Medicinal Food for Modern Individual’s Needs: Garlic Extract

Garlic Extract

Ancient Medicinal Food for Modern Individual’s Needs: Garlic Extract

Abiding by the words of the famous Hippocrates, medical practitioners of the ancient times have made food their medicines and their medicines into their daily food. One of most famous culinary ingredients that have later turned into a powerful medicine is garlic. Over the years, experts have developed several methods to isolate compounds from garlic cloves and use them for health supplements manufacture. While early developers of medications used fresh garlic materials for extraction, a recent study have shown that aged garlic extract may have better effects than fresh ones. There is no concrete explanation as to why aged garlic extract has improved potential effects but in terms of safety, most types of garlic extract are generally held harmless.

 What is Garlic Extract?

Garlic Extract refers to the liquid component isolated from garlic cloves through advanced methods of extraction. Although not typically included as a main ingredient among health supplements in the past decades, recent developments and discoveries on Garlic Extract health effects have made the compound one of the top components of major supplement brands. Garlic extract is known to contain several chemicals including allicin, calcium, copper and other vitamins which aid in bodily processes regulation. It is also considered low in calories and rich in phytonutrients.

What are the benefits of using Garlic Extract?

Supplements with Garlic Extract contribute to several health benefits which improve vitality and prolong life. Here are some of the known health benefits of using Garlic Extract supplements:

  • It may improve immunity

Immune system response establishes the ability of the body to resist pathogen invasion and development of serious medical conditions. Without a stable immune system, the body’s defenses will fail, resulting to morbidity. Studies show that the phytonutrients and compounds found in garlic extract may help strengthen both the specific and non-specific bodily defenses and increase resistance from microbial invasion. Combined with other compounds that prolong bioavailability, Garlic Extract is believed to increase protection for long periods of time.

  • It may reduce blood pressure

Fresh garlic cloves taken orally may help reduce blood pressure through vasodilation. When taken thorough health supplements with aged garlic extracts, blood pressure reduction effects may be extended. Some patients with pre-hypertension and Stage I Hypertension have also reported improvement in blood pressure levels following Garlic Extract supplementation.

  • It may control atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis or the condition associated with plaque accumulation in the blood vessels, especially the aorta, is a risk factor for the development of several cardiovascular disorders including myocardial infarction and angina. Studies show that garlic extract supplementation may help control atherosclerosis by enhancing elimination of fats in the blood stream.


Garlic Extract is one of the best alternative treatments which has been in existence since time immemorial. Not only is the ingredient effective but it is also completely safe.

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