Andrographis Panicula extract: Plant’s Health Contribution

Andrographis Panicula extract

Andrographis Panicula extract: Plant’s Health Contribution

The famous Andrographis plant native in South Asian countries is known to yield a wide array of essential compounds proven to enhance health and wellness in several ways. To maximize the benefits associated with Andrographis, experts have developed advanced derivation procedures involving the plant to produce what is now known as the Andrographis Panicula extract. Since its early discovery, Andrographis Panicula extract has been used in the formulation of medications indicated for individuals with weak immune system but with recent discoveries as to the potential health effects of using the herb, various manufacturers of health have already included the drug in their formulations.

What is Andrographis Panicula extract?

Andrographis Panicula extract is the product of extraction procedures of leaves and underground stem of the plant Andrographis. The idea of including the compound in health supplement formulations began in the early decades of 1900’s following discovery of its effects in prevention respiratory conditions and treating common airway problems. Intensive clinical studies later revealed other benefits of using the drug which primarily involves the digestive tract, the circulatory system and the kidneys. While most studies on Andrographis Panicula extract are only conducted on animal subjects, it is now accepted in the field of medical science as a potential health supplement ingredient.

Health benefits of using Andrographis Panicula extract

Certain active components of Andrographis Panicula extract are shown to synergize effects of other compounds when added into health supplement formulations. On its own, the extract is believed to provide the following health benefits:

  • It works as an antimicrobial

In a laboratory-controlled study conducted to determine the effects of Andrographis Panicula extract against certain groups of microorganisms, experts found that the compounds found in the extract may indeed work against several strains of microorganisms. While most of the strains observed upon belong to the group of bacteria, researchers say that the extract may also yield potential effects against viruses and parasites, including ringworm.

  • It may stimulate immune system function

Immunity is dependent on the body’s ability to distinguish self form non-self. Studies show that Andrographis Panicula extract may help stimulate immune system function by enhancing the release of certain body cells responsible for immune response. Andrographis Panicula extract effectively boosts resistance against several pathogens, effectively fighting off opportunistic microbial growths among patients suffering from AIDS.

  • It boosts liver function

Liver cells are easily destroyed with long-term exposure to pathogens, alcohol and hepatotoxic medications. It was revealed, however, in a recently concluded study that Andrographis Panicula extract may help boost liver function by promoting optimum liver cell health. The compound is also believed to prevent cirrhosis and hepatitis in the early stages of disease process.


The wide array of compounds derived from Andrographis Panicula extract offers several health benefits essential for wellness. Not only is the compound proven safe but it is also effective for health supplement formulations.

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