Anecthol Trithione: Liver-protecting Properties

Anecthol Trithione

Anecthol Trithione: Liver-protecting Properties

The U.S. National Cancer Institute has recently released a list of herbs and compounds currently being investigated for potential effects in controlling cancer. While many of the compounds included in the list yielded positive effects on mice subjects, a certain drug known as Anecthol Trithione is being prioritized for in-depth clinical laboratory studies for having advanced to human subject researches. Anecthol Trithione is primarily being looked upon as a substitute to the chemotherapeutic agent oltipraz and is now included in the formulation of major health supplements for its many associated health effects.

What is Anecthol Trithione?

Anecthol Trithione belongs to the classification of drugs being used in medication formulations as well as in the development of health supplements. Although it is regulated in some other countries, Anecthol Trithione is considered as an over-the-counter drug in Canada and other regions of the United States. The drug is mainly used in the treatment of chemotherapy side effects such as dry mouth and vomiting, but with the recent discovery of its chemotherapeutic properties, it has been included in the treatment regimen of various cancer types.

What are the benefits of using Anecthol Trithione?

The health effects of Anecthol Trithione are also considered as recent discoveries since the interest on the compound only began after it manifested effects on cancer control. Some of the benefits of using Anecthol Trithione which are currently under scientific exploration are the following:

  1. It treats hyposalivation

Hyposalivation, otherwise known as xerostomia, or the reduced production of saliva in the oral mucosa, can contribute to the development of several disorders including oral infections. The symptom is brought about by several factors which include, among others senile hypofunction. Studies show that the compound Anecthol Trithione may help stimulate the salivation through activation of certain bodily enzymes. This finding results to a conclusion that the compound may treat xerostomia.

  1. It may protect the liver from damage

Various contributory factors such as environmental predisposition and unhealthy lifestyle may lead to the development of liver diseases. In order to protect liver cells from further damage, researchers say that the use of Anecthol Trithione supplements is very helpful. The compound is shown in a study to protect the liver from injuries brought about by toxic compounds and CC14. This effect is quite advantageous as it does not result to nervous system affectations.

  1. It may help improves bile production

Bile is a significant liver enzyme which primarily functions to break down fats during metabolism. Without bile, essential fats and lipids will not be absorbed by the body for the regulation of several organ systems. Studies show that Anecthol Trithione may help stimulate bile production among mice subjects, although the science behind such benefit is not yet fully established.


The most important finding on Anecthol Trithione is its effects in preventing cancer cell growth and its potential to be a chemotherapeutic drug replacement. Although considered best for cancer patients, non-cancer individuals may benefit from Anecthol Trithione as the drug exhibited effects in preventing cancer cell regeneration.


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