Anthocyanins: The Flavonoid Group for Enhanced Cognition


Anthocyanins: The Flavonoid Group for Enhanced Cognition

The establishment of the association between anthocyanins and human health is among the most interesting subjects of many health studies conducted in the modern generation. While most ordinary individuals are quite aware of the effects of Anthocyanins in the prevention of cancer growth and development, some researchers say that the benefits of using Anthocyanins may extend beyond cancer prevention. Today, Anthocyanins as antioxidant ingredients have hit headlines of many magazines and health publications as it is found to have certain effects in preventing rapid cellular aging. This means that it may have effects as anti-aging compounds. Although Anthocyanins are found in various food sources including vegetables, taking the compound through health supplementation is advisable to ensure sufficiency of intake of the compounds.

What are Anthocyanins?

Anthocyanins refer to a group of compounds which is among the sub-classifications of flavonoids. These compounds are widely available in pigmented fruits and vegetables and are often supplied in the body through diet. Anthocyanins can be isolated from various parts of plants including stems, leaves and fruits. In botany, Anthocyanins are said to be effective in the prevention of many illnesses of plants, especially tomatoes. There are several claims associated with the use of Anthocyanins health supplements among individuals. Aside from its use in anti-aging and cancer prevention functions, modern studies show that it may also play roles in enhancing metabolism and overall digestive health. Due to lack of human subject studies, however, the United States FDA has not yet approved the use of Anthocyanins as medicinal source, although it is now used in the formulation of modern health supplements.

What are the benefits of using Anthocyanins?

Anthocyanins are extensively used by human body cells in the promotion of internal processes in organ systems. Specifically, Anthocyanins promote health and wellness through the following ways:

  • It prevents heart diseases

Cardiovascular conditions are associated with various symptoms including hypertension. Even in the historic days, Anthocyanins have been used in preventing hypertension. Today, experts have found that the compound group may indeed promote cardiovascular health and prevent hypertensive state.

  • It prevents arterial stiffness

Arterial stiffness refers to a health condition known as arteriosclerosis. In several studies conducted involving women, it was found that Anthocyanins help prevent myocardial infarction by reducing arterial stiffness and enhancing blood flow in the internal layers of the arteries.

  • It may improve cognition

Flavonoids as a whole, including Anthocyanins, are also being studied upon as it is discovered to have certain effects in improving cognitive function. Elderly individuals who are taking Anthocyanins supplements are expected to have better memory and coping abilities as compared to non-users.


The use of Anthocyanins health supplements is highly advisable among adults in the latter ages that are at high risk for cardiovascular conditions and rapid cognitive decline. It is generally safe and effective for use.

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