Aphrodisiaca damiana extract: Aphrodisiac for Depression

Aphrodisiaca damiana extract

Aphrodisiaca damiana extract: Aphrodisiac for Depression

Used widely in the early eras as a sexual desire-enhancing agent or an aphrodisiac, many scientists in the modern age believe that the Damiana shrub or Aphrodisiaca damiana may provide many other health benefits. There are several kinds of research conducted since the beginning of the scientific era which has shown the potential effects of Aphrodisiaca damiana extract in health promotion but due to the absence of actual studies being conducted on human subjects, the United States Food and Drug Association has not yet recognized Aphrodisiaca damiana extract as a medicine. Since there are quantitative studies evidencing the effects of the extract in terms of boosting mood and curing depression, many manufacturers now use Aphrodisiaca damiana extract in their formulations of health supplements indicated for stressed adults and depressive individuals.

What is Aphrodisiaca Damiana Extract?

The stem and leaves of the wild shrub Damiana is usually used in the production of medicine since ancient times. Today, laboratory experts conduct derivative processes to obtain Aphrodisiaca damiana extract which contains high amounts of essential compounds and nutrients. Most studies on Aphrodisiaca damiana extract show that it has certain effects increasing some enzymes and neurotransmitters in the brain, thereby enhancing overall mental processes. Certain studies also show that at some doses, Aphrodisiaca damiana extract may be used to treat bedwetting among younger individuals, although this finding is still subject to confirmatory studies. In the past years, some experts have found that Aphrodisiaca damiana extract may have a hallucinogenic effect, but it was confirmed in recent years that there is no scientific link between the aphrodisiac and hallucinogenic effects of Aphrodisiaca damiana extract.

What are the health benefits of using Aphrodisiaca damiana extract?

Other than its aphrodisiac effects, scientific studies reveal that Aphrodisiaca damiana extract may provide other health benefits. These include the following:

  • It may help increase energy levels

By enhancing overall mental functions, experts explain that Aphrodisiaca damiana extract may have certain effects in enhancing energy levels among individual users. This means that it can be used by individuals experiencing long-term weakness and athletes.

  • It may cure impotence

The effects of Aphrodisiaca damiana extract when it comes to enhancing sexual desire is said to extend to treating impotence. It is not known, however, whether the extract may cure infertility among both men and women as there are limited studies to establish the claim.

  • It may help treat constipation

When taken within certain doses, Aphrodisiaca damiana extract is also said to help treat constipation as it has mild laxative effects. Overdose for purposes of laxative benefits is not encouraged as it may cause certain dangerous adverse effects.


Many individuals know Aphrodisiaca damiana extract as an aphrodisiac agent but only a few know that it may promote other vital functions of the human brain. Experts recommend the use of health supplements with Aphrodisiaca damiana extract but it must be taken only within regulated doses.

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