What Should B2B Customers Know About Bulk Apigenin Powder?

Apigenin powder

What Is Apigenin?

Apigenin, also known as apigenin and apigenin, belongs to flavonoids. This ingredient is abundant in fruits, vegetables, beans, and tea. Among them, celery has the highest content. The CAS Number of Apigenin is 520-36-5. The test method is HPLC.

What Is Apigenin Powder Manufacturing Process?

Since the apigenin content in chamomile and aurantium is also very high. However, if apigenin is extracted from these two plants, the cost will be more than $1,425/kg. And the content is generally less than 98%, and it can be about 5% at most.

Therefore, based on cost considerations, the mainstream of apigenin sold in the market is made by the semi-synthetic process of naringin. The starting material of this process is to extract naringin from grapefruit young fruit first and then add a one-step synthesis process from naringin to make apigenin. Because the starting material is a plant and a synthetic process is added at the end, it is generally called a semi-synthetic process in the industry.

What Is The Common Apigenin Specification?

The popular specification is bulk Apigenin powder 98% HPLC. The market price is $285-320/kg, based on 25-50kg.

Other specifications, such as Apigenin powder 90%, and Apigenin powder 95%, are generally compounded with Apigenin 98% content.

What Are The Healthy Benefits Of Apigenin?

A large number of studies at home and abroad have found that apigenin has various biological activities such as anti-tumor, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular protection, anti-virus, and anti-bacterial.

What Points Should You Notice When You Buy Apigenin Powder?

Customers do not understand the situation, or Apigenin suppliers or manufacturers deliberately claim that their apigenin is obtained from chamomile or citrus extract, or some companies export customs declarations such as chamomile extract, citrus extract, and celery extract. These all are not accurate.

The market growth of apigenin is particularly obvious. Many companies are more optimistic about this product, and the market volume has increased significantly in recent years. Only two suppliers in the United States are currently selling them, but the mainstream ones are still shipped directly from China.

Where Can Buy Bulk High-Quality Apigenin Powder?

Nutri Avenue is the best bulk Apigenin powder supplier, and we store Apigenin powder in our US warehouses to convenience our customers to get products as soon as possible. This ingredient is tested by 3rd-party, and certified by GMP, Halal, Kosher, etc. Welcome to get a free quote to obtain more details like COA.

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