Nerve Cell growth-stimulating – Apigenin


Nerve Cell growth-stimulating – Apigenin

Other than the fact that they all have medicinal properties, there’s one important thing common in celery, oregano and camomile tea―they all contain Apigenin. For several centuries, experts have been searching for the compound primarily responsible for several medicinal actions of various herbs. Although most pharmaceutical benefits of these herbs are associated with compound interactions, it was established in a recent study that the action of some medicinal plants is mainly brought about by their Apigenin content. Today, Apigenin, a yellowish crystalline solid compound, is being isolated from herbs and other food sources to develop health supplements.

 What is Apigenin?

Apigenin is a naturally-occurring flavone found in glycosides. Early studies concerning the drug originally established it as an anti-anxiety or sedative compound. Further studies have revealed however that it has several health benefits which can be a lot more essential. While potentially useful for various reasons, a lot of health supplements manufacturers are concerned with the fact that the herbal is unstable by itself. The matter at hand was resolved when experts have found that the compound can be stabilized when combined with other flavone compounds with stabilizing effects.

What are the benefits of using Apigenin?

Regular consumption of Apigenin-rich foods and beverages can be very helpful in promoting overall health. It is, however, recommended for individuals to take Apigenin-containing supplements for higher concentrated doses with better results. Some of the known benefits of the safe and effective flavone compound Apigenin are the following:

  • It may stimulate neurogenesis

While other somatic or body cells grow faster than the rest, brain cells undergo regeneration very slowly. The process of brain cell regeneration is medically termed as neurogenesis. Although a lot of compounds found in plants protect nerve cells from destruction, only a few compounds like Apigenin is found to potentially stimulate neurogenesis. In this way, Apigenin may help prevent the development of several nerve cell degeneration conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

  • It Works Against leukemia

Flavonoid compounds are known for their cancer-controlling effects. Most of these compounds work by controlling the growth of cancer cells or tumor. Although effective against various tumor-forming cancers such as prostate cancer, only a few flavonoid compounds are shown to be effective against blood cancer or leukemia. Among the unique characteristics of Apigenin is that it induces autophagy or the process of cellular waste recycling among patients with leukemia. It is also found to synergize or enhance the effects of certain chemotherapeutic drugs among blood cancer patients.

  • It may Control Depression

The use of Apigenin-containing supplements has been proven to help control depression and mood swings among depressive patients. This is made possible by the action of the herbal in relieving neurotransmitter imbalances which are primarily associated with changes in an individual’s mood and behaviour.


Taken within prescribed doses, Apigenin is safe and helpful to individual users. Since it has certain drug interactions, however, individuals taking certain maintenance medications must seek physician consultation prior to use.

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