Arachis hypogaea extract: A Weight Control Tool for Heart Diseases

Arachis hypogaea extract

Arachis hypogaea extract: A Weight Control Tool for Heart Diseases

Weight control is a very effective preventive measure for the development of a series of lifestyle-associated health conditions such as cancers and Type II Diabetes Mellitus. While the measure is best achieved through exercise and healthy diet, experts say that the use of certain herbal extracts, which include Arachis hypogaea extract, may also promote weight control and enhance effects within a shorter period of time. Since its early discovery as a potential health supplement ingredient, researchers have studied upon Arachis hypogaea extract to determine its effects in lipid metabolism and absorption as well as its effects in the digestion of fats and other macronutrients. Although the weight loss effect of Arachis hypogaea extract is not yet established through actual qualitative researches due to difficulties in observing human subjects, many experts say that the theorized mechanism of action of Arachis hypogaea extract is highly potential.

What is Arachis hypogaea extract?

Arachis hypogaea is a species of legumes which yields high amounts of essential compounds for better health. The legume species is also known as peanut sprouts. Arachis hypogaea extract, for purposes of health supplement manufacture, is typically extracted from the fruits or legumes of peanuts. The extract contains, among others, important minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Phosphorus which promote bone health and enhance cardiac health. It also contains relative amounts of fiber which promote effective digestion and elimination of toxic compounds in the body. Arachis hypogaea extract is highly recommended in the formulation of modern health supplements but it is not advised among individuals who suffer allergic reactions when eating peanuts.

Health benefits of using Arachis hypogaea extract

Aside from promoting weight loss and lowering risks for developing cardiovascular health conditions, Arachis hypogaea extract is also known to provide the following health benefits:

  • It has antioxidant effects

In many phytochemical researches, it has been established that Arachis hypogaea extract contains several polyphenols and other antioxidant compounds which promote detoxification and prevent redistribution of free radicals in body cells. As an antioxidant agent, Arachis hypogaea extract is also believed to be an effective cosmetic product ingredient as it prevents rapid skin cell aging.

  • It enhances immune system function

The high-Vitamin content of Arachis hypogaea extract is also attributed to its claimed effects in enhancing immune system function. Experts say that the extract, in enhancing immunity, is very effective in preventing manifestation of disease processes and spread of infectious microorganisms.

  • It helps cure mineral deficiencies

Most of the minerals found in Arachis hypogaea extract are those to which many individuals around the world usually develop deficiency to due to lack of dietary sources. Taking Arachis hypogaea extract may help prevent and cure mineral deficiencies.


Arachis hypogaea extract is a safe and effective health supplement ingredient. Along with other herbal extracts, it is believed to promote wellness in various ways.

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