Artemisia annula extract: Restoring Effects of Sweet Annie

Artemisia annula extract

Artemisia annula extract: Restoring Effects of Sweet Annie

Known in the early days as a potential tool for enhancement of sweet dreams, Artemisia annula extract is now a popular health supplement ingredient used by individuals seeking to have enhanced energy levels and effective overall wellness restoration. As a traditional Chinese herb, many researches to establish health claims associated with Artemisia annula extract have already been conducted since the advent of medical science. It has been established so far that a certain compound found in Artemisia annula extract which is known as Thujone may help prevent cancer cell growth as it possesses antioxidant effects. Some of the other active components of Artemisia annula extract are also discovered to effectively reduce fevers, even those caused by Malaria. Artemisia annula extract is quite effective as a restoring agent.

What is Artemisia annula extract?

The health supplement ingredient Artemisia annula extract is taken from various parts of the medical herb Artemisia annula or Sweet Annie. Unlike many other herbs, concentrated doses of essential compounds for health are isolated from the above ground parts of Artemisia annua, and not from its roots. Artemisia annula extract was first studied upon for its reactive effects against the parasites that cause Malaria. The compound responsible for the health effect is known as Artermisinin. In later clinical researches, however, experts have made categorical statements that Artemisia annula extract should not be used alone for malaria treatment. Other established medications for the health condition must be used in conjunction with Artemisia annula extract as it only works to inactivate malarial parasites and not necessarily to kill them. Overall, Artemisia annula extract is classified as a safe and effective health supplement ingredient.

What are the benefits of using Artemisia annula extract?

There are many other uses of Artemisia annula extract other than those established under traditional Chinese medicine. Some of these health uses include the following:

  1. It may strengthen the immune system

Overall immunity may be improved with long-term use of Artemisia annula extract. This claim has been confirmed in several animal-subject studies conducted in various laboratory settings. Studies also show that Artemisia annula extract reduces bacterial growth of certain strains of microbes, but not viruses.

  1. It may control fungal growth among AIDS patients

Patients who are immune-compromised due to AIDS are shown to manifest lower risk for fungal infections affecting various organs in the body following Artemisia annula extract supplementation. AIDS patients who are planning to take Artemisia annula extract must, however, seek physician’s consultation.

  1. It may help reduce stress effects

Adults taking Artemisia annula extract may also experience relief from long-term stress as the active components of the extract promote cellular relaxation.


Taking Artemisia annula extract is highly advisable among adults who suffer from compromised immunity and those who are exposed to high levels of stress. It is generally safe provided no overdose takes place.

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