Artemisia carvifolia extract: Anti-Aging Component

Artemisia carvifolia extract

Artemisia carvifolia extract: Anti-Aging Component

For at least 2000 years ago, medical practitioners in Asian regions have used Artemisia carvifolia, also known as Artemisia annua plant, in the development of medications for fever and other common disorders. While traditional Chinese Medicine provide that the extract works by boosting Qi energy, modern scientific research shows that Artemisia carvifolia extract works primarily by enhancing the immune system function. Some phytochemical researches also show that compounds found in the Artemisia carvifolia extract may have certain effects in controlling cancer cell growth and development. Although the claim of its effects in enhancing immunity is not directly associated with its cancer cell growth controlling benefits, experts say that these claimed health effects can intertwine, leading to effective enhancement of overall health and wellness among individual users.

What is Artemisia carvifolia extract?

Artemisia carvifolia extract is a health supplement ingredient claimed to contain high amounts of the compound Artemisinin which is used in enhancing overall immunity and preventing bacterial and viral growth in the human body. The plant source of the extract generally grows in temperate regions across Asia but it is grown as well in some portions of North America. Artemisia carvifolia has been a long-term source for essential nutrients in traditional medicine set-ups but most of the health claims associated with its use are only established in the modern setting. There are no risks associated with the use of the extract in health supplement formulations but it must only be taken within recommended doses.

Health benefits of using Artemisia carvifolia extract

Most publications on Artemisia carvifolia extract health benefits provide that it may prevent cancer and enhance immunity but other independent studies show that it has many other benefits beyond these claims. The following are among the well-known uses of Artemisia carvifolia extract in the field of alternative medicine:

  • It works as an anti-aging agent

The compounds found in Artemisia carvifolia extract are powerful antioxidants. This means that they enhance cellular health, thereby preventing rapid degeneration brought about by circulating free radicals. Enhancing cellular health directly results to slower aging rate and appearance of healthy skin cells in the external body regions.

  • It is an anti-inflammatory agent

The claim that Artemisia carvifolia extract may work as an anti-inflammatory agent is relatively new and not yet fully proven but many experts say that the health claim is highly probable. Quantitative researches have been conducted in animal subjects evidencing that the compounds in Artemisia carvifolia extract have anti-inflammatory health effects.

  • It may enhance digestion

In the early times, Artemisia carvifolia extract has been used in the treatment of Constipation and other conditions affecting the gastrointestinal tract. It was discovered in modern health researches that the extract effectively enhances digestion, the breakdown of food and the absorption of nutrients.


Excessive use of Artemisia carvifolia extract in high doses can cause side effects. When taken within recommended doses, it is generally safe and effective.

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