Ashwagandha: Ancient Cure Infertility, Modern Cure Cancer


Ashwagandha: Ancient Cure Infertility, Modern Cure Cancer

Exotic Indian herbs like Ashwagandha are known in ancient medical fields as potential treatment for infertility and other reproductive health conditions but what makes the plant more interesting in the eyes of modern health practitioners is the possibility of developing treatments for various incurable conditions like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease through the active components of Ashwagandha. Since the development of studies establishing the potential effects of Ashwagandha in enhancing brain activity, scientists have begun looking into the possibilities of combining the active components of the plant with other compounds to treat many nervous system conditions. There being a need for actual human subject studies, most claims on Ashwagandha health benefits still remain to be unclear and not fully explored.

What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is among the most widely-used herbs in the development of medications during the ancient civilizations. The berry and the root of the plant are known to yield high amounts of phytonutrients which, when absorbed by the body, can treat inflammations, enhance hormonal balance and improve nerve impulse transmissions. The antioxidant components of Ashwagandha are mostly subjected to independent studies to determine their extent of efficiency in terms of elimination of circulating free radicals in the body. Other compounds found in the plant are also isolated for purposes of independent health supplement formulations.

Health Benefits of using Ashwagandha

Health supplements with Ashwagandha components are ideal for adults and elderly individuals. Some of the benefits of using Ashwagandha health supplements are the following:

  • It can treat depression and anxiety

The interplay of hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain is root cause of many psychological conditions including depression and anxiety. Even in the early days, Ashwagandha has been used in the treatment of both depression and anxiety. Most experts say that the active components of the plant may help treat psychological conditions by maintaining equilibrium between hormone and neurotransmitter interplay. To date, however, there is no exact understanding as to how Ashwagandha treats these conditions.

  • It may promote brain healing

Neurons or brain cells are structured in a way that they cannot be repaired easily like other cells of the body. While skin cells heal in a matter of days, it may take months or even years for the body to repair damaged brain cells. Studies show that Ashwagandha supplementation may help boost brain healing through certain mechanisms yet to be established by experts.

  • It works as an adaptogen

An adaptogen is one which helps the body adapt through various changes occurring within and outside the human body including environmental and situational changes. During acute exposure to a new environment, the body usually releases high amounts of hormones and enzymes to help the body adapt with the new environment. Experts say that regular Ashwagandha supplementation can lead to effective adaptation as the active components of the herb are known adaptogens.


There is no ancient herb from the Indian region as famous as Ashwagandha. Since no studies involving the herb are conducted among humans, the mechanisms of action of the Ashwagandha remain unclear.

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