Asian ginseng extract: A Unique General Wellness Medication

Asian ginseng extract

Asian ginseng extract: A Unique General Wellness Medication

In terms of culinary uses, ginseng species from different parts of the world have various effects. The same is true in terms of ginseng health benefits. While American ginseng is more commonly used as flavoring in the production of beverages such as soda, Asian ginseng extract, or more commonly known as Panax, is widely used in the formulation of health supplements. There are a lot of studies proving the efficiency and safety of Asian ginseng extract in treating and preventing various health conditions since the early times. Even with vast capacities of quantitative studies involving the extract’s effectiveness, however, it has not been recorded as a US-FDA approved ingredient for therapeutic medication formulation as its mechanisms of action are not yet fully explained.

What is Asian ginseng extract?

Asian ginseng extract belongs to the group of long-term treatments used in various health settings for curing certain health conditions. The ginseng itself may be taken orally or in liquid forms but for higher compound concentrations, laboratory scientists have developed advanced extraction procedures to obtain Asian ginseng extract and include it in health supplement formulations. Asian ginseng extract has also been referred to as a medication for general well-being as it may improve function of almost all bodily organ systems.

Health benefits of using Asian ginseng extract

Asian ginseng extract supplementation is mostly beneficial to individuals of all ages. Elderly individuals mostly benefit with the effects of the drug in enhancing cognitive function while young children benefits from its growth and development-enhancing functions. The following are some fo the benefits of using Asian ginseng extract:

  1. It may treat chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS is a condition characterized by long-term depression, anxiety and other physical stress symptoms. Modern individuals mostly suffer from the condition because of everyday work pressure, environmental pollution and unhealthy diet. Studies show that Asian ginseng extract or Panax ginseng helps treat chronic fatigue syndrome by functioning as an adaptogen or an agent which helps the body respond effectively to daily life situations. Asian ginseng extract is also believed to control the release of stress hormones which damage body organs.

  1. It may prevent premature ejaculation

Men health supplements usually include Panax ginseng for purposes of preventing premature ejaculation. Although the pathophysiology of premature ejaculation remains unexplained, it is believed to be treated with regular hormone balance and neurotransmitter control. Asian ginseng extract helps prevent premature ejaculation by regulating hormone production among men.

  1. It may prevent cancer

The health supplement ingredient Asian ginseng extract also contains high amounts of compounds known to help eliminate free radicals in the body and promote wellness. The effective elimination of free radicals is also associated with cancer prevention as free radicals are believed to damage body cells.


Panax ginseng or Asian ginseng extract is one of the best contributions of the eastern hemisphere in the field of medicine. With Asian ginseng extract supplements, general wellness is not impossible.

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