Aspartame: Now a Safe and Effective Sugar Substitute


Aspartame: Now a Safe and Effective Sugar Substitute

In the face of controversies and debates both in medical and political fields, the safety for use of the popular artificial sweetener Aspartame has been settled for good upon the approval of the European Food and Safety Association in a re-evaluation study conducted in the year 2013. The compound has been concluded be very useful within recommended doses among ordinary individuals but health studies also show the danger of using the compound among individuals suffering from a condition known as Phenylketonuria. For purposes of health supplement manufacture, Aspartame is generally risk-free and efficient in promoting overall health and wellness through various pharmacodynamic patterns.

What is Aspartame?

Aspartame is among the most widely-used artificial sweeteners across the globe. It is a methyl ester having sweetness of up to 200 times than sucrose. As an artificial sweetener, it generally works by binding certain receptors in the oral cavity and stimulating the “sweet” taste without introducing calories. It is best used by individuals who are required to undergo low-calorie diets due to certain medical conditions as well as those who are seeking to lose weight. When taken within required doses, the compound may also provide other health benefits for longevity.

Health Benefits of Aspartame

Despite the issues thrown on Aspartame, experts have continued to discover many benefits associated with its regular use. Aside from enhancing weight loss through calorie cut-down, taking Aspartame-containing health supplements may also provide the following health benefits:

  • It can prevent Type II Diabetes mellitus progression

Although no actual human subject studies to directly observe results have yet been conducted, several quantitative studies conducted on both human and animal subjects show that Aspartame, as a calorie-free artificial sweetener, may help prevent progression of Diabetes Mellitus Type II. Diabetes Mellitus is a complicated condition which can affect various body organs when left untreated. By reducing caloric intake which usually reinforces progression of the condition, Aspartame is believed by experts to effectively prevent DM Type II.

  • It may prevent teeth cavities

Microorganisms in the oral cavity are more likely to increase in number with the increase of sugar intake. Studies show that taking Aspartame instead of ordinary sugar may help prevent development of tooth cavities as it does not introduce any sort of sugar in the human body but merely stimulate the sensation of the “sweet” taste. Children who are at risk for developing Aspartame, however, are advised to seek physician’s consultation prior to use of health supplements with Aspartame to determine safety levels.

  • It can prevent obesity

The weight control effects of Aspartame health supplements can also help prevent overweight and obese conditions which can pose potential risks to health. Most physicians usually advise patients with excessive weight to take Aspartame artificial sweetener for its proven efficiency.


There is no association between cancer and Aspartame. This has already been resolved in several published studies. Aspartame is no more than an effective artificial sweetener with various health benefits.

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