Astragalosides: A Plant Compound Group that Boosts Immune System


Astragalosides: A Plant Compound Group that Boosts Immune System

Aside from the ordinary process of wear and tear which is inescapable, skin damage can be brought about by long-term exposure to UV rays. When skin damage is not treated, it may result to damage not only in the epidermis of the skin but also on the deeper layers such as the dermis and the hypodermis. The use of compounds and extracts in health supplement products which are found to protect the skin from UV rays is therefore necessary. One of the most efficient UV rays protection which is commonly included in modern health supplement formulations is Astragalosides. Aside from providing long-term skin layers protection, the compound group Astragalosides are also shown to enhance vital processes in the body, thereby improving overall appearance and wellness. It works not only in the integumentary system but may also work in internal body organ systems such as the cardiovascular system.

What is Astragalosides?

The term Astragalosides refer to a group of compounds which are isolated from the plant species Astragalus. It is currently being studied upon as a potential pharmaceutical product for treatment of heart conditions, metabolic disorders like Diabetes Mellitus and digestive illnesses. Experts are also conducting studies to confirm claims that Astragalosides may work in controlling cancer cell growth by promoting cancer cell apoptosis. This claim has been observed in animal subject studies, but not yet shown in human subjects. It is, however, believed that the health claim is very likely as the compound group Astragalosides also possess antioxidant properties. In one study, it was also provided that Astragalosides may work in controlling growth of viruses in the body. Although viruses are typically self-limiting by nature, such that they die in the body after some time, some viral conditions can be deadly, requiring antiviral medications. By establishing that Astragalosides may control viral growth, it can become among the future’s best antivirals.

What are the benefits of using Astragalosides?

Supplementing Astragalosides can be helpful for various reasons as it provides a wide range of health benefits. The following are some of the uses of Astragalosides:

  1. It enhances function of the immune system

Taking Astragalosides supplements is ideal as it enhances overall function of the immune system. This means that it reduces a person’s risk of developing various conditions, whether lifestyle-associated or brought about by an infection.

  1. It promotes body detoxification

Having antioxidant properties, Astragalosides are also believed to help enhance body detoxification in order to prevent cell mutations and other toxin-associated conditions. As a detoxification agent, Astragalosides also helps prevent development of metabolic disorders which alter bodily processes.

  1. It has anti-inflammatory effects

Persons who take Astragalosides may also experience anti-inflammatory benefits with Astragalosides supplementation. This has been observed in several clinical studies conducted on Astragalosides.


Astragalosides are very useful in the field of alternative medicine as they work primarily in the enhancement of immune system function. They may also be used in pharmacology after the establishment of their exact effect on human body.

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