Atractylodes extract: Immunity Enhancer and Effective Detoxifier

Atractylodes extract

Atractylodes extract: Immunity Enhancer and Effective Detoxifier

Modern studies on Atractylodes extract reveal that not only is it effective in detoxification of cells and body tissues but it may also have certain effects in preventing complications of dialysis or the medical procedure of eliminating toxins in the body when the kidneys have stopped functioning or does not function effectively. Used in traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for various illnesses, there are no risks associated with the use of Atractylodes extract within recommended doses. In fact, individuals who take supplements containing Atractylodes extract have manifested improved overall gastrointestinal tract function following long-term supplementation. It may also be useful among patients who often experience allergic reactions upon exposure to allergens as it effectively suppresses excessive reactions of the body and promote healthy responses to external stimulation.

What is Atractylodes extract?

There are various species of Atractylodes plants which are used in Alternative medicine as treatment for many illnesses. Generally, Atractylodes extract contains essential nutrients which, when absorbed by the body, can enhance bodily processes and enhance wellness. Atractylodes extract is taken from its plant sources through advanced procedures of extraction. Although most researches show that the rhizome or roots of the plant yields highest amounts of nutrients, some experts say that other parts of the plant may also be used for purposes of obtaining Atractylodes extract. The interest on Atractylodes extract and its health effects began to rise in the recent decades following discoveries that it may promote weight loss through activation of patterns of metabolism. It is also claimed, on the other hand, to promote weight gain among cancer patients who are already manifesting side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Health benefits of using Atractylodes extract

Taking Atractylodes extract supplements can be beneficial for both healthy and sickly adults. It may promote wellness in the following ways without risks:

  1. It boosts immunity

Many compounds isolated in Atractylodes extract are shown to possess immunity-boosting health effects, which mean that it helps the body fight off illnesses and infections. The immunity-enhancing effect of Atractylodes extract is currently being studied upon to determine the extent on how it prevents viral growth in the body.

  1. It has anti-aging effects

Atractylodes extract also prevents rapid aging of body cells, especially the skin cells. This means that it may enhance skin health and prevent the appearance of early signs of aging. It may also promote resurfacing of new skin cells to make the skin appear softer and glowing.

  1. It improves kidney function

As the prime detoxifier of the body, the kidneys are quite susceptible to dysfunction. Studies show that Atractylodes extract supplementation may be effective in improving kidney function as it enhances detoxification processes.


Atractylodes extract is essential not only among adults but also among younger individuals who seek to prevent illnesses before they begin. There are no risks associated with Atractylodes extract supplementation except in cases of overdose.


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