Backed by Science: Tongkat Ali’s Benefits Exposed

Tongkat Ali Extract

Backed by Science: Tongkat Ali’s Benefits Exposed

For several decades, Tongkat Ali Extract has been popularized as nothing more than a male enhancement agent. Intensive studies, however, have shown that the extract can contribute in the treatment of various disorders affecting the digestive and respiratory organ systems.

Tongkat Ali Extract is believed to work primarily by enhancing the release of hormone testosterone among male users.

Some studies also show that the active ingredients of the extract help prevent rapid deterioration of the hormone brought about by the ordinary process of wear and tear. Supplements containing Tongkat Ali Extract are highly recommended for use not only for their efficiency but also for safety.

What is Tongkat Ali Extract?

The flowering plant Tongkat Ali is known scientifically as Eurycomalongifolia. While the leaves and flowers of the plant are not quite useful in medicine, the roots and bark of Tongkat Ali contain various compounds which aid in the improvement of overall bodily processes.

The most important component of Tongkat Ali Extract is the compound known as Eurycomanone. Several studies are currently being conducted to discover the mechanisms of action of Eurycomanone in enhancing testosterone levels among human subjects.

So far, experts have found that Eurycomanone in Tongkat Ali Extract, when hormone testosterone reaches maximum levels, helps prevent negative feedback to stop subsequent hormone degradation.

What are the benefits of using Tongkat Ali?

Dietary supplements containing Tongkat Ali extract are mainly beneficial among male users. There are, however, some studies claiming that these supplements may also be beneficial to women. Unless contraindicated by physicians due to specific underlying medical conditions, Tongkat Ali extract is generally safe among adult users. The following are the benefits of Tongkat Ali extract supplementation:

  • It works as an aphrodisiac

Although not found to be quite effective among female mice subjects, studies show that Tongkat Ali is relatively effective in increasing sex drive among males. This benefit is a direct effect of the mechanism of Tongkat Ali in enhancing hormone testosterone levels. Enhanced testosterone results to the release of certain neurotransmitters in the brain which leads consequently to aphrodisiac effects.

  • It can promote fertility

Infertility especially among males is primarily brought about by imbalances in the hormone testosterone levels. A certain study conducted by experts has found that Tongkat Ali supplementation can help enhance fertility by preventing hormone imbalances and enhancing testosterone release. There is, however, very little evidence on how Tongkat Ali promotes fertility among female subjects.

  • It can promote lean muscle development

Naturally-occurring hormone testosterone usually peaks during puberty and is mainly responsible for the development of secondary sex characteristics among males. The development of lean muscles is a component of secondary sex characteristics and is affected by testosterone levels in the body. By increasing testosterone levels, muscle development can be promoted directly.

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