Banaba leaves extract: Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss

Banaba leaves extract

Banaba leaves extract: Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss

Other than enhancing weight loss through various activated patterns, many experts are currently taking interest on Banaba leaves extract as it is shown to contain high amounts of corosolic acid, a potential anti-Diabetic compound. For decades, researches have been conducting studies involving Banaba leaves extract on animal subjects to prove its potential effects in promoting fat loss and preventing weight gain. While findings vary from time to time, it has been established in many quantitative studies that Banaba leaves extract may indeed help prevent obesity, thereby preventing the development of many lifestyle-associated diseases among modern individuals. For its various health uses, many manufacturers of health supplement products have included Banaba leaves extract in their formulations. Its use among patients who are at risk for obesity is also highly recommended by experts.

What is Banaba leaves extract?

Banaba leaves extract, which is derived from the leaves of Banaba plant, is a fast-rising health supplement ingredient known for its potential effects in curing Diabetes Mellitus. Experts have observed in quantitative studies that Banaba leaves extract, when taken by patient subjects, help reduce blood sugar after meals, as compared to patients who are under placebo. Banaba leaves extract should not be confused with Banana, as the herbal plants are completely different. While Banaba is known to reduce weight loss and promote blood sugar control, such health effects are not necessarily associated with Banana.

Health benefits of using Banaba leaves extract

The leaves of the Banaba plant are known to contain high amounts of compound which promote entry of blood glucose in the cells, thus promoting reduction of blood sugar levels. The health benefit is almost similar to that of insulin. Some other health benefits of using Banaba leaves extract include the following:

  • It may enhance circulation

Increased glucose levels in the blood thicken the blood and impede effective circulation. Experts say that Banaba leaves extract supplementation is an effective measure to help enhance circulation as it helps prevent thickening of blood by shunting sugar into cells. Banaba leaves extract supplementation may prevent slow wound healing among patients with Diabetes Mellitus.

  • It may enhance energy levels

The use of Banaba leaves extract also increases energy levels as glucose is sent into cells instead of floating freely in blood. Energizing cells promotes effective performance of activities of daily living especially among patients who are exposed to high levels of stress.

  • It may promote healthy digestion

Banaba leaves extract also contains high amounts of dietary fibers which promote digestion and effective release of toxins in the body.


Banaba leaves have long been used in the field of alternative medicine. Although its uses are not yet fully proven, experts say that health claims associated with it are highly probable.

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