Baohuoside I: The Cancer-fighting Compound for Women


Baohuoside I: The Cancer-fighting Compound for Women

Reproductive system cancers are among the top causes of morbidity and mortality among women even in the modern days. Although measures are being taken to determine the disorders’ exact causes, experts are often left hanging after being on the edge of a missing link. A large number of scientists believe that the circulation of several toxic compounds in the body known as free radicals is highly associated with the development of cancers, especially those affecting the reproductive system and the female breasts. Cancers, although untreatable, can therefore be prevented with the use of powerful antioxidant compounds like Baohuoside I.

What is Baohuoside I?

Baohuoside I is among the specific reproductive cancer cell-targeting compounds which have well-established pharmacodynamics in the medical field. It is generally classified as a plant flavonoid primarily isolated from Epimediumdavidii, a spring flower with yellow color. The plant originated from China, although it may also be found in some other regions of Asia. Experts say that most of the medicinal benefits of using Epimediumdavidii in the early times are highly associated with the plant’s Baohuoside I content.

What are the benefits of using Baohuoside I?

Although the plant source of the compound has long been used in the field of alternative medicine, studies on Baohuoside I to determine its potential health benefits only started in the recent years. Even within a short span of time, experts were able to establish the following potential benefits associated with Baohuoside I supplementation:

  • It may work against cervical and breast cancers

Cervical and breast cancers are reproductive system-associated cancers which have taken the lives of millions of women all over the world. In a recently concluded study, experts found that Baohuoside I may work against these types of cancers by downgrading CXCR4 chemokine receptor expression and inducing cancer cell apoptosis. Certain studies also suggest that the compound may help control metastasis on these types of cancers, although no studies are yet conducted to determine whether Baohuoside I may also control other metastatic cancer types.

  • It may control allergic reactions

Among mice subjects, experts were able to establish the claim that Baohuoside I may help control allergic reactions and prevent hypersensitivity by suppressing antibody responses in the immune system regulation process. Further studies are, however, required to determine whether the same results may be obtained from human subjects.

  • It enhances immune system responses

T-cells produced by the thymus glands which play vital roles in immune responses are also shown to increase in number with Baohuoside I supplementation. By strengthening the immune system, individuals taking Baohuoside Iare expected to develop better resistance in terms of disease control and prevention.


Baohuoside 1 promises potential cancer treatment benefits especially in metastatic cancer types. This finding can be the key to the much awaited cancer cure.

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