Barley grass juice extract: The Cancer-fighting Culinary Ingredient

Barley grass juice extract2

Barley grass juice extract: The Cancer-fighting Culinary Ingredient

Being among the top 4 greens for wellness in the world, Barley grass is established to contain several vitamins, minerals and nutrients which work together to help improve overall health and wellness. For several years, studies have been conducted on Barley grass juice extract and its potential benefits among individual users. This is following findings that some compounds in Barley grass juice extract show potential effects in controlling cancer cell growth, and may even reverse effects of an on-going cancer illness. When taken along with other cancer preventing compounds, Barley grass juice extract may help reduce risk for cancer by a great percentage. The extract may also provide other health benefits involving the immune system, the cardiovascular system and even the digestive system. The use of Barley grass juice extract is also ideal as it is generally safe and effective for use.

What is Barley grass juice extract?

Barley grass juice extract is a health supplement ingredient which has been in the field of alternative medicine for decades. It has already been subjected to various health studies to discover its individual health benefits but only limited studies have yet been conducted on actual humans. Only quantitative or observatory researches are conducted on human subjects, but actual qualitative studies have already been done on animal subjects. One of the most important mechanisms of action of Barley grass juice extract is that it promotes body detoxification. This means that it helps in the elimination of compounds in the body which are not normally excreted by the body’s natural excretion mechanisms as these compounds cannot be metabolized. As a detoxification agent, Barley grass juice extract can provide many health benefits and even prevent metabolic conditions. It may also help enhance metabolism, thereby resulting to prevention of obesity and overweight conditions.

What are the benefits of using Barley grass juice extract?

Individuals have been taking Barley as a food source for a long time. When taken in health supplement formulations, Barley grass juice extract may provide the following benefits:

  1. It may help relieve ulcerative colitis

Studies show that Barley grass juice extract is quite effective in increasing amounts of good bacteria in the gut. This mechanism helps in the prevention of ulcerative colitis and other gastrointestinal conditions. It also helps maintain homeostasis in the gastrointestinal tract.

  1. It reduces UV rays damage

Exposure to UV rays or radiation can cause alterations in cell structure and may even pose risks for cancer development. In one study, it was found that Barley grass juice extract supplementation may be an effective way of reducing cellular damage brought about by UV rays and radiation.

  1. It reduces signs of aging

Several signs and symptoms of aging which are manifested in the skin and other parts of the body may also be prevented with Barley grass juice extract supplementation as the extract helps eliminate toxins in the body which cause rapid aging.


In both the culinary and alternative medicine field, Barley grass juice extract is indeed useful. It is generally safe for use among individual users, whether young or old.

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