Basil extract: Effective Adaptogen for Modern Lifestyle’s Stress

Basil extract

Basil extract: Effective Adaptogen for Modern Lifestyle’s Stress

Recognized as one of the world’s healthiest foods, Basil extract is believed to be among the most significant ingredients in every health supplement formulation. Although the herb Basil is used widely in culinary arts, its use in the field of medicine has become extensive with the discovery of its effects in enhancing wellness through different activated patterns. The active compounds in Basil extract has been observed in various clinical studies to work effectively as adaptogens or compounds which assist in the body’s adaptation with changing environment. Many experts also say that the extract may be used in the development of skin health products as it effectively improves skin health and prevent development of integumentary health conditions.

What is Basil extract?

Basil extract is taken from the stems, leaves and seeds of the herb Holy Basil through advanced laboratory procedures. Holy Basil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as an effective treatment for various diseases. Modern medicine developed interest over the active compounds in Basil extract after it has been discovered that these compounds have antioxidant effects as well as detoxification benefits. Compounds in Basil extract are found to have scavenging effects, thereby eliminating toxins in the body and preventing development of cancer cells.

Health benefits of using Basil extract

Along with other herbal extracts, Basil extract promotes overall health and wellness with long-term use. Since the plant source of the extract is also used in cooking and has been used in ancient medical treatments, experts say that it is generally safe for use in health supplement manufacture, although some individual groups may need physician’s advice prior to use.

The following are some of the health benefits of using Basil extract:

  1. It may fight off infections

The anti-microbial activity of Basil extract has long been the subject of various clinical studies as experts try to determine strains of bacteria which can be destroyed with Basil extract use. One significant finding which has recently been discovered, however, is the fact that the extract may work against viruses including swine flu virus. Experts are now looking into recommended doses for use of Basil extract in vaccination and possible medicine production.

  1. It relieves stress and anxiety

There are many sources of stress in an individual’s environment but the use of Basil extract can be an effective solution for most forms of stress. Basil extract efficiently increases hormones and neurotransmitters which are useful in regulating homeostasis or balance in the body’s environment. It may also improve mood and overall brain activity.

  1. It boosts wound healing

Basil extract also improves wound healing rate by enhancing release of certain enzymes and chemicals in the body which are responsible for tissue and cellular repair. Long-term use is necessary, however, for wound healing rate improvement.


Using Basil extract health supplements is highly advisable for individuals who are frequently exposed to stressful lifestyle. It may also be used by elderly individuals for wellness and longevity.

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