Beautiful Health with the Beautiful Marigold extract

Marigold extract

Beautiful Health with the Beautiful Marigold extract

In a statistical survey conducted to determine the phytonutrient yields of certain medicinal herbs, it was revealed that the beautiful marigold flower is one of the richest sources of herbal antioxidants. This finding is essential in the determination of effective health supplement ingredients as it is among the components which can provide vast number of health benefits. Marigold extract has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of various health conditions and the prevention of diseases but due to lack of clinical studies to prove such claims, only a few dietary supplements in the modern days contain Marigold extract. With the discovery of its high phytonutrient yield, however, the demand of Marigold extract is expected to rise among health supplement manufacturers.

What is Marigold extract?

Marigold, also referred to as Calendula, is a prime component of ancient therapeutic medicine practices. It has been used in the treatment of minor burns, eczema and other skin conditions in mild forms as well as in the treatment of certain digestive symptoms. Today, majority of researches conducted on Marigold extract are aimed at establishing its potential effects in preventing cancer and enhancing blood vessel growth. Several studies have already made conclusions that the active components of Marigold extract may be effective against certain kinds of cancers but there are no explanations yet as to how it exactly works. Since quantitative studies with similar conclusions are already overwhelming, Marigold extract is now a very good ingredient for health supplements.

The Wonderful Health benefits of using Marigold extract

Marigold extract is usually isolated from the plant’s flower. As beautiful as it is in its raw form, the Marigold extract can provide the following wonderful health benefits among individual users:

  • It can help treat inflammations

Widespread inflammations and allergic reactions brought about by various factors can be treated with Marigold extract use, as shown in certain studies. Experts say that the active components of the extract may help control immune system reactions during acute exposure to allergens, thereby reducing inflammatory responses. It does not, however, alter overall health.

  • It helps in detoxification processes

Marigold extract contains several flavonoids and antioxidants which help eliminate toxins and circulating free radicals in the body, thus enhancing detoxification process. Studies show that effective detoxification can lead to several health benefits such as enhanced metabolism, improved cardiovascular health and even cancer or tumor growth prevention.

  • It controls appearance of signs of aging

Several beauty products of the modern days also include Marigold extract as their prime ingredient as it is proven to control the appearance of early signs of aging. The extract promotes new skin cell resurfacing when applied to the skin to prevent development of wrinkles and dark circles.


Health can be as beautiful as the marigold flower with Marigold extract supplements. All claims are subject, however, to deeper clinical studies.

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