Benefits of the Citrus Flavonoid Compound Isolated From Citrus Fruits: Neohesperidin


Benefits of the Citrus Flavonoid Compound Isolated From Citrus Fruits: Neohesperidin

Belonging to the major classifications of phytonutrients found in citrus plants, Neohesperidin has been the subject of modern studies for pharmacodynamic determination and health benefit explorations. Although most studies on the compound are primarily focused on establishing its effects in controlling cancer cell growth, advanced clinical researches are now including as well studies to determine the effects of Neohesperidin in inducing cell apoptosis. More importantly, individuals interested in the field of nootropic product development are also conducting studies on the effects of Neohesperidin in cognitive enhancement following individual clinical researches indicating potential benefits. To date, most claims on Neohesperidin are not yet established with certainty but are mostly backed with independent quantitative researches.

What is Neohesperidin?

Citrus fruits yield various flavonoid compounds which are believed to contribute to the fruits’ various health benefits. Among the most popular flavonone glycosides found in citrus is the compound Neohesperidin. Several laboratory procedures are usually conducted in order to isolate the compound from the fruit source. Due to its sensitivity, certain handling procedures are also required to prevent contamination and damage. Neohesperidin is well-known for its free radical-scavenging effects which were proven through direct examination on mice subjects. Aside from preventing cancer cell growth, researches also reveal that it may contribute to enhancing cancer cell death or apoptosis, especially in cases of breast adenocarcinoma. Individual studies are still needed to prove the effects of Neohesperidin on other types of cancer cell growths.

Potential health benefits of using Neohesperidin

Aside from its effects in controlling cancer and enhancing cancer cell death, other claims on the health benefits of using Neohesperidin are established in several clinical settings. The following are some of the potential health benefits of using Neohesperidin supplements:

  1. It may help treat chronic venous insufficiency

Individuals exposed to jobs requiring prolonged standing are usually at high risk for developing chronic venous insufficiency. The condition is characterized by poor blood circulation in the legs due to weakness of the leg veins and valves. Studies show that Neohesperidin may have contributory effects in treating chronic venous insufficiency as it enhances circulation towards distal parts of the body.

  1. It may prevent cognitive impairment

Cognitive impairment brought about by the ordinary process of wear and tear in the brain cells can be prevented with Neohesperidin supplementation. This is the conclusion made by a group of experts conducting a recent study. There is no clear understanding, however, as to how Neohesperidin provides this benefit.

  1. It enhances detoxification

As a flavonoid compound, Neohesperidin is also believed to enhance detoxification or the elimination of toxic compounds in the human body. Effective chemical elimination helps enhance wellness as it cleanses the body from impurities which interfere with regular processes.


Along with other health supplement ingredients, Neohesperidin is believed to prolong life and vigor. Individuals who are pregnant must however take the compound with caution.

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